The Talk

Weinstein, Trump, and Cosby have brought sexual abuse to the fore. How do parents of gender-fluid children address this issue?

It's Up to Her from Here

We've been her safety net from day one. But now it's time for our adopted daughter to experience the joy of success and the despair of failure without intervention

A Parent Aims to Decipher a Teen’s Transgender Declaration

I don’t care how cool LGBTQ is at the moment. At the end of the day, a transgender desire is not welcome news to a parent.

More Than a Tan and T-Shirt From a Florida Trip

By spending time with her grandparents, my daughter gained new insight into her mother, her parents' my relationship, and her relationship with her parents.

The Cop Visit Taught Me a Lesson

With RAD children, the rules don't always apply. Telling Julia to call the police was a joke, but it backfired.

Death and Decorating

Death makes us want to be in control. Decorating is often a simple way to push back on the feeling of helplessness

How My Daughter with RAD Dealt with Death

A mother of a RAD child witnesses her child's reaction to death

Movie on Bipolar Disorder Speaks To Any Challenged Family

New movie on bi-polar disorder shows nuances of family life

Adopted Kids Do Not Come With a Warranty

Long Island case involving two adopted Russian children is one to watch.

A Loving Message

An adoptive child surprises mother who gets a scary blood test

Judge Says Rehoming Is Trafficking

Long Island Judge prevents Long Island couple from re-homing without court supervision

Long Island Russian Adoption Case Stays Public

A Long Island judge presiding over a case in which a couple is trying to "vacate" the adoption of two Russian children who are mentally ill stands his ground and keeps his courtroom open, saying it is in the best interest of the children to have a public hearing on the issue.

Long Island Couple Wants To Void Russian Adoption

A Long Island couple is trying to void the adoption of two Russian children. Parents say the children are mentally ill.

It's up to Her from Here

Against All Odds

Music to My Ears

When a child who has suffered with an attachment disorder shows an open-hearted willingness to care passionately about her violin playing, it brings joy to her parents. It shows them that years of work to help their child bond has paid off.
A Story of Adoption and Reactive Attachment Disorder

A Story of Adoption and Reactive Attachment Disorder

A family's struggle with a child suffering from RAD turns into a hopeful story.