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Living in Liquid Modernity

Struggling to make sense of Davos? Trump? Populism?

How Do Leaders Deal With Disruption? Make New Maps

Struggling to keep pace with the speed of change? By reframing our worlds, we can lead change instead.
Chris Kutarna

Questing for Economic Utopia, Part 2

Worried that we're all serving the economy instead of the other way around? You're right, and here's how to flip that logic.
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Questing for Economic Utopia, Part 1

Is this going to be humanity's best century—or worst? How we choose to measure progress will decide.

Mundus Novus (The New World)

Overwhelmed by the pace of change? Some conscious map-making helps us navigate a new world.
The Meeting of Cortés and Montezuma (detail), from the Conquest of Mexico series, seventeenth century. Jay I. Kislak Collection, Rare Book and Special Collections Division, United States Library of Congress.

Montezuma's Bane (Fake News)

Frustrated by fake news? We've been here before...

A Parable About Chinese Trade Protections

Good stories often offer stronger insight than quick advice.

The One Best Way to Prepare for the Future

To thrive in this shocking moment and navigate the future, we need to take a deep breath, step back and realize this.

When Intelligence Flourishes, the Questions Get Tougher

Human and machine intelligence are flourishing. Is our wisdom keeping pace?

Making Sense of the Moment We're In

Are the relentless shocks of our present moment wearing you out? Seeing the big picture can help us all navigate—and thrive—through these uncertain times.