How to Think About Terrorism

The terrorists want us all to be afraid. But should we?
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Is Jealousy a Sign that You are Neurotic?

Are you neurotic or simply human?

Is Jealousy Hijacking Your Relationship?

Do you find yourself worried that your partner is interested in someone else?
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Ten Steps to Freeing Yourself from Your Worry

Here are ten steps to turning worry around.

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy? Part 2

Here are seven techniques to defeat the self-critical voice that is your own worst enemy
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Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

Like many people, you may negate everything you do and blow things up as if your mistakes are the worst that one can imagine. Learn how to answer that self-critic.

Complaining: Are You Sounding Like a Downer?

If you are a complainer you may inadvertently be driving people away. Domain

Ten Steps to Overcoming Need for Approval

A friend of mine told me in college, "no matter what you do, some people won't like you."
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Management Styles

What kind of manager are you and how is it working?

Listening to Patients

Listening to a patient is the first step in building trust for someone who may have felt that no one has ever listened and cared about them

Living With Uncertainty

What is the probability that the plane will crash? Almost zero. Or, that you will lose all your money in the market? Almost zero. But then you insist, “Yes, but it could happen!"

Successful Imperfection

Living life involves making mistakes and getting on with things. But many of us get undermined by our fear and intolerance of mistakes.

Constructive Discomfort

Practicing discomfort can help you achieve the goals that are important to you. But it means doing things that you don’t want to do.

Putting Things in Perspective

Are you stressed by everyday events? Losing perspective? Here are five easy steps to take today to let go of stress.

Living with Loneliness

Being alone doesn't mean that you have to feel miserable and lonely. Develop a strategy to cope with your feelings of loneliness and free yourself up to live independently.

Disagreeing About Politics

Are your discussions with people who disagree with you sounding like character assassination? It doesn't have to be that way.

After the Election

Confused, angry and anxious after the election? Maybe we can try to put things in perspective and move forward together.

The Decline of Trust

In almost all areas of our lives trust has declined—and it has been on the decline for decades.

The Anxiety Rule Book

We are anxious because our anxious brain has a rule book that guarantees biased thinking.

The Gift of Fear

Understanding the evolutionary basis of everyday fears

Coping With Your Envy: Turning Envy on Its Head

Envy can lead to depression and hostility and can undermine you at work and with your friends. Here are a few ideas of how to turn envy around.

How to Get a Handle on Your Worries

Dr. Robert Leahy, Author of "The Worry Cure: Seven Steps to Stop Worry from Stopping You," provides tips for coping with worry.


You can’t stand it when someone is doing better than you. You resent it, want to see them fail, and you feel guilty and ashamed of these envious feelings. You are not alone.

Why Trump Appeals to People

Trump plays on anxiety and fear and uses an emotional appeal to promise a cure. Why does this appeal to people?

How Panic Spreads With Fears of Ebola

Why is Ebola leading to panic? Cognitive science can tell us how we misperceive risk and how we get carried away with our fears.

How to Overcome Your Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can keep you from making friends, advancing in work, and can lead to depression. The good news is that cognitive behavioral therapy can help you.

What Will People Think?

People with social anxiety live in constant fear of being evaluated negatively. How do anxious people use worry as "preparation" for social interaction, how do they misperceive threat, and how do they ruminate later about how badly they have done?

Letting Go of Sunk Costs

We often get stuck holding onto a decision that is no longer working for us, but we fear giving up. It may be that we are getting stuck on a sunk cost, focusing on the past rather than future utility. We keep digging a bigger hole.

Why You Deserve a Break, From Yourself

Are you constantly putting yourself down and feeling miserable about what you do? Maybe your self-critic is in charge. Learn some tools to put down the self-critic so that you can get on with your life.

Are You Afraid of Your Thoughts?

People who suffer from OCD have certain characteristic ways of evaluating their own obsessive thoughts.