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Difficult Decisions: The Costs of Consensus

Consensus has clear benefits, but we often underestimate the costs.
Jerry Kiesewetter

How to Make Controversial Decisions According to Research

Surpisingly, how you decide, can be just as important as what you decide.
Tim Mossholder

Are You an Open-Minded Leader? It’s Not Enough

The most successful leaders adopt a different mindset: active open-mindedness
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How The Greatest Minds Solve Problems: Thinking Partners

Arguing with someone else might the best way to make decisions, science reveals.
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When Should You Trust Your Gut? Here's What the Science Says

Without the answer, you can't be an effective decision maker.

100 Studies Show This Simple Technique Doubles Productivity

Struggling to reach your goals? Try this simple 5-minute exercise.

The Real Reason Meetings are Unproductive

The psychological explanation for mediocre meetings may surprise you.
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One Simple Hack for Making Faster Decisions

End your paralysis analysis in seconds with this unconventional trick.

Stop Asking for References

Asking candidates to supply references can lead to terrible hiring decisions. Here's why so many leaders demand them anyway.