Be Kind to Yourself

There are many paths toward well-being through kindness and self-compassion. Yet the success of these strategies depends on one key caveat: It’s not what you do, but why you do it.

The Benefits of Emotional Awareness

Insights into our emotions from one of the most influential psychologists of our time.

How Culture Affects Depression

The meaning and symptoms of depression can vary around the world. So can the ways people cope with it.

Cultural Keywords

Cultural keywords reveal values, ways of thinking and feeling in different cultures.

What Makes Families Resilient?

How do families turn adversity into a catalyst for growth? Insights from research on family resilience.

3 Ways to Regulate Your Emotions

We can influence our emotions using different strategies — some more effective than others.

When Learning a Foreign Language

The roads that lead to foreign language mastery are as fascinating as the languages themselves. Here are four tips to help you along the way.

Resilience: Saying Yes to Life

How the right attitude can become a powerful resilience strategy.

Non-Verbal Communication Across Cultures

Non-verbal skills are crucial for effective communication—at home and across cultures.

Who Do You Trust?

Whether we trust others with our hearts or our heads, trust is an elixir for our relationships.

How to Master Your Emotions

As architects of our experiences, we need not be at the mercy of our emotions — rather, we can learn to master them.

On Belonging

A sense of belonging can play a crucial role in our wellbeing.

Forecasting Happiness

How do we know what will make us happy? Psychologist Daniel Gilbert’s insights on happiness.

Geert Hofstede: A Conversation About Culture

Decades after his pioneering research, Hofstede shares his insights on culture’s role in our lives.

How Culture Wires Our Brains

Cultural neuroscience research is shedding light on how culture affects our neural activity and the way we represent the self in our brains.

The Beauty of Imperfection

How the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi fits into our modern lives.

How to Leave Our Comfort Zones

To overcome resistance, authenticity and self-awareness can be crucial.

Positive Emotions and Wellbeing

How everyday micro-moments of positivity can increase our wellbeing.

Emotion Perception Across Cultures

Culture influences how we perceive facial expressions in subtle yet important ways.

Helping Children Through Transitions

7 ways parents can help children navigate the challenges and rewards of mobility.

How We Color Our Lives With the Emotions We Desire

"Ideal affect" offers insights into the complexities of our emotional worlds, our preferences and our behaviors.

10 Questions on Bilingualism

Can adults learn to speak a foreign language without an accent? How does bilingualism affect children's development? Do bilinguals feel different in different languages?

Understanding Others

Understanding other peoples’ feelings is a catalyst for human connection.

How Does Culture Affect Our Happiness?

Culture shapes what happiness means to us and how we pursue it.

Inside the Psychological Care for Refugees in Germany

How do therapists work through linguistic and cultural barriers to help their trauma-afflicted clients?

Finding Home Between Worlds

An insight into the place where children who grew up abroad dwell – between cultures and worldviews – can teach us about understanding ourselves and those around us better.

Understanding Transition Stress

Identifying the causes of stress in cultural transitions can help us develop effective coping strategies.

Little Treasure, Little Sun, Little Mouse

Idiosyncratic communication among couples is associated with relationship satisfaction.

The Flavors of Our Travels

Food is a gateway to the cultures we are exploring, and later, a faithful gateway to our memories.

A Million Ways to Say Hello

Some of the many rewards of cross-cultural encounters can come from our differences.