Pere Ubu's Dave Thomas Warns Against Self-Satisfaction

People like to say it’s not the arriving, it’s the journey. Well, that’s baloney.

Gary Lucas and Captain Beefheart's Orchestrated Nightmare

Most people are not up to the challenge of Beefheart. I hope to change that.

How Forest Blakk Became Visible

And I start thinking that the only way I can stop this is by taking my life.

Howie Abrams Got the Big Scoop of Ice Cream

I could not possibly have seen my future ordeal with panic attacks coming.

The Hurricane Brain of The Accidentals

The truth is that there are no cures—they’re temporary.

Grudges Are Empty Calories to Brock Lindow

"Life was punching me right in the mouth."

Dupre' Kelly Wants Newark Vibrating on One Frequency

Anytime you can galvanize millions of people through words or entertainment, through arts, through culture, you have a voice.

Justin Brannan and the Politics of Hardcore

“If you don’t like something, it’s up to you to stand up and do something about it.”

The Hope Instinct of Joey Tempest

“Hope stays until the very end for most of us.”

Ben Weinman Passes the Torch to God Mother

I realized music can sound in many different ways and that these guys were doing it just for the love of music and not for anyone else. That grew a seed in me...

Why Brendan Hines Wishes He Had Said Hello to Elvis Costello

Nobody wants to be considered one-dimensional.

Planting a Seed in a Toxic Place with Roger Miret

“How are you so damn sure?”

The Melvins Are Not Screwing With You

“You cannot get successful in any area of your life by only working 40 hours a week. It’s impossible."

Alan Robert Is Filling the Void

His "Beauty of Horror" coloring books feature a mysterious and mischievous undead girl named Ghouliana who tricks colorists into doing her bidding through misleading poetry.

Vernon Reid and the Power of Comic Book Complexity

You can't have light without darkness.

The Arrogant Positivity of Fitness

"Performers and writers and artists that I love who are in a position of arrogance and wear it for everyone to see – there’s a generosity in that to me."

Michael McGrady is a Chip off the Old Block

“If I’m going to die, I’m going to die living.”

Paul Booth’s Dark Path to Enlightenment

“The tattoo becomes an exorcism of sorts.”

Kim Rancourt’s Shot up Your Spine

“I went from a kid wearing jeans and flannel shirts to wearing silver satin pants and silver shirts.”

How R. Stevie Moore Is Compelled Without Compulsion

“It was like a disease that I had to record and write.”

Vincent Castiglia’s Ethereal Road Map

“The world’s soul is kind of dead at the moment.”

Jacoby Shaddix Is Marching Right Next to You

"I just feel like I’m drowning in myself."

Walking Through the Emotional Desert With Shaun Morgan

“You get super drunk or super high and you don’t feel anything. And that’s the whole point.”

The Entire Truth of Dr. Mayim Bialik

“I hope that’s what young women and the people who love them will take away from this book—a full treatise on what it is to be female.”

Richard Edwards Asks You to Not Throw Jonah Off the Ship

“I mean you are dying essentially.”

A Day in the Cage With Comedian Josh Blue

“When I was doing it, I was doing it from the perspective of what it’s like to be an imprisoned animal. But then what I realized later was that it was a metaphor for my body."

How Cinema Cinema Stays in the Equation

“Every night we are going to play to the point where we try to die.”

Mona Haydar Speaks Your Language

Haydar is no ordinary artist, and the concept behind Haydar’s first single, “Hijabi,” is anything but common.