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Digital Goods Valued Less Than Their Physical Counterparts

New research shows how much consumers value digital vs physical media.

What My Gym Membership Taught Me About Mental Accounting

When you think about money, think it through.

Costly Curves

The thin ideal turns big people into big spenders.

Information Avoidance in the Information Age

When ignorance is bliss: How much would you pay to avoid potentially threatening information?

Cheat to Keep or Cheat to Reap?

Are people more likely to behave unethically to avoid falling behind or to get ahead? New research has the answer.

Big Data Is Nudging You

Slow to hit the purchase button? Here’s how you may be nudged to buy.

Are You Sure You Want to Read This?

An uncertain world requires simple decision-making processes.

Aiming to Please (the Janitor): a Field Experiment

New insights on scoring in the men's room

Watching Waiters' Weights

When small differences carry heavy effects

5 Reasons We Don't Protect Our Privacy Online

You are probably concerned about the privacy of your information online, but do you act accordingly? Here's why you may not.

Making Sense of Common Sense

How understanding the taken-for-granted can enrich behavioral science

Behavioral Economics—An Exercise in Design and Humility

What's the state of your bad decision making? Read Dan Ariely's exclusive take on irrationality and its consequences.

The Credit Lunch

Using credit or debit cards is associated with more hedonic purchases. Are students more susceptible to this card payment effect?

Heavy Shifting

Resolved to go to the gym? Now help us solve a common problem at the gym.

How Impulsive Are You?

Did Black Friday prompt you to make an impulse purchase? Read this post and calculate your ‘dysfunctional impulsivity’ score.

The Price Feels Right

New evidence from the psychology of numbers turns prices (a)round

Adapt or Perish?

Human adaptability allows us to survive, but also takes away pleasure: "It's the hedonic treadmill, stupid!"

Retire the Selfie

Help your future self to more savings by connecting it with your present self. Or was that the other way around? It's not a temporal paradox, it's behavioral economics.

A Simple Change That Could Help Everyone Drink Less

Could a change in default alcohol serving sizes help us reduce problem drinking?

Warm and Fuzzy: Temperature and Consumer Behavior

Physical warmth has been linked to perceived social closeness. There's now growing evidence around embodied cognition suggesting that temperature also unconsciously affects the choices we make as consumers, from renting romantic movies to betting on horses and online purchasing behavior.

Seven Reasons Why We're Irrational Shoppers

Find out why unnecessary purchases are the result of more than just tastes, money and marketing.

Getting a Bargain: A Double-Edged Sword for Enjoyment

Buy now, enjoy later? Not so much when it comes to discounted products.

Under/Overconfidence: It’s All About the Mindset

A change in mindset can turn underconfident women into realists and overconfident men into the über-confident.

Feeling Lucky Today?

We all know that gambling is irrational – that's also why lotteries appear to be recession-proof. Here's a roundup of cognitive biases in lottery gambling. Take your pick!

In for a Penny

The effect of competition on prices in online auctions.

When Positivity Prevails

Favorable information can be sticky when you research a purchase online.

Insert Coin(s) to Continue

Five examples from the psychology and economics of video game play.

Differentiating Discounts

Words used in sales promotions may contain subtle cues that affect how much and what you buy.

The Committed Guest

Of hotels, towels and field experiments