The Naked and the Nude

A lecturer shows a slide at a conference, a self-portrait as DaVinci's Vitruvian Man, with the genitals removed. He discusses the implications of revealing and concealing the self.

Why Is There So Much Hate in the World?

A modest attempt at imagining an integration of hate, love, and hope.

Why Do I Make Circles?

While visiting Konya, Turkey, an artist who photographs circles, meets "the grandson" of the mystical poet, Rumi, and reflects upon the experience of being a refugee.

Trumpaholics Anonymous

An imagined group of Donald Trump addicts convenes in a church basement.

Tikkun Olam

In response to a previous blog of a very troubling dream about my attempt to sew together the head and body of two decapitated figures, my friend describes a transformational journey to Vienna where he is transfixed by the Rubens painting of Mary removing a thorn from the head of Jesus and discovers the meaning of Tikkun Olam, repairing of the world.

A Dream of Decapitation

Two drama therapists discuss a dream about a beheading and an attempt to restore life. In doing so, they recount two mythological stories, one about the Golem of Prague and the other about a simple journey home. Through their dialogue they seek to understand the meaning of healing.

I Am (Not) Charlie

While visiting Turkey, the author reflects upon the terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo and the kosher supermarket in Paris. In dialogue form, he questions the meaning not only of free speech and blasphemy, but also the meaning of human existence. The latter is influenced by a reading of Edward O. Wilson's Pulitzer-prize winning book of the same title.

When Words Fail

As words fail him, the author seeks to express his understanding of roles in everyday life through visual images, past and present. He appears in this self-portait on West Lake in Guangzhou, China.

Who Killed Robin Williams?

The death of Robin Williams affected many of my students and clients very deeply. And it affected me. This piece is a reflection on the life and work of Robin Williams and how his improvisational performances revealed the sad man beneath the happy clown.

A Student Educates Her Teacher

A graduating NYU Drama Therapy student challenges a glib and harsh editorial indictment of the practice of creative arts therapy at Bellevue Hospital. In doing so, she inspires her professor to renew his ethical commitment to the practice of drama therapy within challenging institutional settings, and to recognize the courage and wisdom of his students.
Fathers and Sons

Fathers and Sons

Son and father in China

Destination China

A drama therapist and his two children rendez-vous in China and see the family and the culture in new ways.

Cosmos and the Professor

Zebra in Headlights at game park in South Africa. This blog recreates a dialogue between a professor of drama therapy and his driver in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Act of Evil

An image of an Act of Killing, New York City, 2013

Love is the Destination

A drama therapists visits Turkey to present workshops and lectures just as the demonstrations against the state are breaking out. While on this journey, he learns something about love in some of its complex manifestations.

Waiting for Therapeutic Theatre

A beginning discussion of the meaning of therapeutic theatre in drama therapy.

I Am Not Your Mother

In a Drama Therapy workshop in Korea, a group of women, as well as the author, explore a complex understanding of the role of mother.

The Roles Not Taken

In the coming year, can I mount the courage to take on new roles for myself?

Destination Israel: Drama Therapy Part 4

I arrived in Israel in June 2012, as a drama therapist without a bible or map.

Destination Germany: Drama Therapy Part 3

When I was 11, in sixth grade, the teacher gave us a blank map of the world and asked us to go home and fill in 30 international cities. I was oddly excited about the homework assignment, and with my World Book Encyclopedia in hand, I rose to the task.

A Theatre for Change: Drama Therapy Part 2

I am a drama therapist who believes that people can change when engaging fully in a process of drama therapy. And I am a person who embraces the role of the perpetual beginner, ever in search of new ways to do old things.

To Be and Not to Be

When I tell people that I am a drama therapist, they often ask: “It that therapy for actors?” “Could be,” I say, “but trained actors can be difficult clients.”