Stigma, Psychopathology, and President Trump

Virtually everyone experiences a decline in fluid intelligence after about 70 years on the planet.

"At Least I'm Not as Bad as My Mother (or Father)"

The ends may not justify the means, but neither do the means justify the ends.

Holiday Stress

A major source of stress in life comes from finding yourself in a role you can’t pull off.

Why Profiling Serial Killers Can’t Work

All you know about a man is that he loves poetry and crossword puzzles. Is he more likely to be an English professor at Harvard or a truck driver?

Parenting Strategies Are Largely Ineffective

5 Ideas: Will parents use them? 1. Childhood is not all preamble.

Why Do People Hate Smart Women?

How much of parenting literature makes complicated what is actually quite simple.

Psychotherapy in the Trump Era

The forces shaping our politics are also shaping our therapies.

6 Ways to Treat Anxiety and Depression from the Constitution

Identify and include the relevant marginalized parts of the self.

Theoretical Orientations as Straw Men

The appeal of reviling other therapists' approaches.

Orienting the Incoming Class: How I Introduce Myself

Orient trainees by displaying clinical values.

A Psychological Reading of Lolita

Nabokov confronts us with the elegant stories we tell ourselves to excuse our selfishness.

There Is No Real Therapy Without Assessment

Therapy is ongoing assessment and assessment is ongoing case formulation.

Eight Ways to Cope with Annoying People

Good metacommunication describes annoying behaviors and annoying people in ways that they would readily agree with.

What Business Are Therapists (Really) In?

Is your therapist doing therapy?

A Psychological Fourth of July

We can too easily forget that the purpose of self-government is to secure our own safety and happiness.

The One Question to Ask Every Therapist

A therapist who thinks it’s fine to coast is hardly an advertisement for change.

Seven Ways to Surpass Your Supervisors

Do your teachers' abilities to recognize patterns, apply ideas, and develop a working alliance set a cap on what you can learn?

Do You Talk to Win, Persuade, or Collaborate?

Foss and Griffin’s invitational rhetoric describes a foundation for therapy and what ought to be a foundation for marital spats and diversity dialogues.

Fathering Fosters Virtuous Aggression

David Hicks explores masculine aggression in a new novel, White Plains, that is engaging, insightful, and funny.

Do People Decide What to Do?

If you don’t pay close attention, it can seem as if the football announcer is causing the players to do what they do.

Cultivating the Pasture They Put You Out To

The question is whether any further investment is worth the effort given the lifespan one foresees.

A Semi-Parody One Item Personality Test

What is the opposite of eating?

What Animal Are You?

Psychological health means constructing a version of oneself that is essentially human.

Why We Care Whether the Earth Is Flat

Much of life is Jeopardy, not Family Feud. We want to know the actual state of affairs, not what the survey says.

Admissions (and Job) Interviews in Clinical Programs

The selection process is a window into the program’s vision of what psychology is.

Has Your Therapist Been Replaced by a Robot?

A therapist who can’t pass the Turing Test (a computer’s ability to pass for human in conversation) should not be allowed to graduate.

The Privilege of Not Understanding Privilege

I don’t want rich people to apologize for being born with money; I just want them to act like they know they didn’t earn it.

Is APA Ruining Clinical Training?

Extensive requirements leave little time to reflect.

A Case Formulation for Tony Soprano

The meaning of the final scene in The Sopranos is that the simple moments of life have been ruined by the legacy of violence.

Is It Always Bad When Men Look at Women?

The Right may actually have a healthier (more accepting) view of men’s sexuality than some on the Left have.