The Truth Shall Set You Free...

Panic attacks are painful, scary and unnecessary. In this blog, find out the cause and cure of all panic attacks.

The Truth Will Set You Free...

Every second you experience anxiety is a second in which you cannot be happy. This blog guides you through the process to rid you of your anxiety and free yourself to be happy.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

The purpose of all psychotherapy is to free people from the ravages of misery. But first, they must think and act truthfully. Find how with this 5-step process to find happiness.

Happiness Tool 2: Cultivate Enlightened Tolerance

With the perspective of Enlightened Tolerance, one can pursue happiness, even under adverse circumstances.

Happiness Tool 1: Live Your Passionate Purpose

If there is a purpose to life, it is to be happy. This series is designed to equip you with the tools to bring happiness into the fabric of your life.

Ridding Happiness Contaminants 9: Addictions and Compulsions

In this second installment of Ridding Addictions and Compulsions, learn the powerful three strategies to getting started getting stopped. They can put you on the road to recovery.

Ridding Happiness Contaminants 8: Addictive Behavior

Many suffer from an addiction, whether it be to a substance, an activity, or a person. In the first of a three-part blog series, learn how to get started getting stopped.

Ridding Happiness Contaminants 7: Procrastination

Procrastination is the culprit of many problems and frustrations. Learn the reasons why many of us procrastinate and elegant strategies to overcome it.

Ridding Happiness Contaminant 6: Anger

Anger is just as much a destroyer of happiness as anxiety, depression, and guilt. Learn how to deal with injustice, act assertively, without the bitterness of anger.

Ridding Happiness Contaminants: Guilt

No one need be deviled by guilt, no matter what. Learn what causes guilt and, more important, what to do to rid it from your life – now and forever.

Ridding Happiness Comtaminants 4: Catastrophizing Depression

No one is exempt from hardships and hassles. It is when we catastrophize about these vicissitudes that we create depression. Learn how not to do this and lead a depression-free life.

Ridding Happiness Contaminants 3: Self-Damning Depression

Anybody who has ever experienced depression knows how painful it is. But, except in rare circumstances, nobody needs to be or stay depressed. Learn how to rid one of the two major forms of depression – Self-Damning Depression.

Ridding Happiness Contaminant 2: LHT Anxiety

While we have to endure all sorts of hassles and hardships in life, we need not experience anxiety about them. Learn how to never turn a hardship into a horror and thus never fall prey to anxiety.

Ridding Happiness Contaminants 1: Ego Anxiety

Anxiety cannot help but destroy one’s ability to be happy. Learn how to eliminate one form of anxiety, ego anxiety, and unconditionally accept oneself, and live a life free of anxiety.

Take Action – Now!

Nothing, absolutely nothing, will change without doing what's necessary to bring it about. Wishing won't, hoping won't, even praying won't. Only doing will. In this blog through the magical ACT formula, bring more pleasure, satisfaction, and happiness into your life.

Happiness With Life 10: Practice Curiosity

Contrary to popular wisdom, curiosity enriches the cat, not kills it. Learn the benefits to your happiness in being curious and the five strategies to incorporate it into your daily routine.

Happiness With Life 9: Making Friends With Death

Death can be your friend or your enemy. If you fear your death, you will create for yourself anguish and dread. If you embrace it as something you are inevitably moving toward, you use it to spur yourself to exult in each day as if it were your last.

Happiness With Life 8: Practice Breakthrough, Not Breakdown

In addition to filling your life with pleasurable and happy moments, how you respond to life’s hardships and hassles also goes a long way toward you leading a happy life. Learn how to make lemonade out of lemons by adopting a Breakthrough rather than a Breakdown way of approaching life.

Happiness With Life 7: Rid Life's Unnecessary Negatives

Leading a happy life includes building in as much pleasure as possible, while also ridding all the hassles and hardships you can. While needing to gracefully tolerate those frustrations you cannot eliminate, learn the process of slowly but surely eliminate all those you can.

Happiness With Life 6: Serve Yourself a Slice of Happiness

I don't care how physicists define time. Time, to me, is choice. This blog, Serve Yourself a Slice of Happiness, provides the mindsets and strategies to choose pleasure each and every day of our lives.

Happiness With Life 5: Treasure Today As A Gift

Today is the only day we have. We not only want to not waste it, but we want to take advantage of it by mining each and every opportunity it offers to supply your pleasure and happiness.

Happiness With Life 4: Gracefully Lump Feel Bads

Life can’t always be fun and good. At times, we will all face feel-bads. Learn what to do in this blog so that while you have them they won’t have you.

Happiness With Life 3: Practice Gratitude

The things in your life do not need to change for you to be happy, but your attitude may very well have to. In this blog, you will discover how the attitude of gratitude can add significantly to your happiness quotient.

Happiness With Life 2: Practice Perspective

Life is full of frustrations, disappointments, and adversities. But, happiness busting depression, anxiety, and bitterness do not result from these hardships, but rather from the catastrophizing we do about them. Learn in this blog how to live a life of perspective, devoid of awfulizing and horriblizing, thereby being able to find happiness even amidst adversity.

Happiness With Life 1: Hold Nothing Necessary

Living passionately, that is putting it all out there to get what you want in life, is a cornerstone of happiness. But, a big spoiler is when you think and act as if you absolutely need what you want. Learn in this blog the value of and strategies to lead a life without need or necessity.

Happiness With Others 10: Leave A Trail Of Happiness

What goes around comes around. The more we leave a trail of happiness for others to follow, the more happiness we find as well. Learn the five powerful strategies that, through bringing happiness to others, returns it to us in kind.

Happiness With Others: Practice Win–Win

You will undoubtedly face happiness-challenging differences and disagreements at times in all your significant relationships. How you handle them will go a long way to determining both the quality of these relationships and the amount of pleasure you derive from them. See how to turn your relationship differences and disagreements into diamonds.

Happiness With Others 8: Listen, Listen, Listen

Happiness with others is a two way street; to get, you’ve got to give. Listening to another — to both their thoughts and their feelings — goes a long way to building the trust and goodwill that leads to relationship harmony and happiness.

Happiness With Others 7: Be A Relentless Giver

A sure fire path to happiness is to focus on being a giver, not a getter. By doing so, you get double the bang for your buck: you get the pleasure of giving, then the pleasure of the appreciation you get in return. Find out the whys and wherefores in this Happiness On Purpose blog, "Be A Relentless Giver."

Happiness With Others 6: Choose Friends and Lovers Wisely

Happiness in life in part requires happiness in your relationships. In addition to being healthy of attitude and skillful of technique, relationship happiness requires you to choose carefully whom you will have a relationship.