Women Caring for Elderly Parents

Many caregivers decide to have their older relative move in with them. This is a major life decision and should be made cautiously.
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The Schizoid Vs. the Depressive Personality

The markedly schizoid person cannot compromise, yet, ironically, his whole life is a compromise position (one foot in and one foot out) in order to avoid commitment.

Apologizing as a Developmental Stage

Why is it so hard to apologize?

Freud's Enduring Legacy to Psychoanalysis

Three of Freud's concepts still distinguish psychoanalytic treatment from cognitive varieties — regression, transference, and resistance.

Sexual Harassment

In 1991, 20 million viewers watched as Anita Hill was compelled to answer humiliating questions by contemptuous male senators. Has the worm turned?

Healthy and Unhealthy Risk

Are you stilted in your career because of fear of failure? Or are you a self-destructive risk-taker? Either way, your reality testing is distorted.

Creativity and Aging

Does creativity involve taking risks?

Considerations on "The Big Sick"

Does Kumail Nanjiani's relationship with his parents ring bells for you?
Roberta Satow

Writing as Self Development

How does writing promote the self development?

Adult Siblings

Are there opportunities for adult siblings to understand and work out unresolved issues that are lurking from childhood?

Four Pitfalls of Being a Grandparent

Becoming a grandparent is one of life’s milestones. But no matter how close you are to your son or daughter and his/her spouse, you’re bound to have different ideas about it.

Trump Supporters Voted for a Fantasy

Trump supporters are still convinced he will "do the right thing" despite everything he says to the contrary. They hold on to their fantasy that he is "on their side."

Why Are Pre-Existing Conditions Such an Important Issue?

Repealing the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare) without protecting people with pre-existing illnesses will cause the most pain among people who supported Trump for President.

Aging and Depression

Is getting old getting you down? Distinguishing between sadness and depression.


Are hypochondriacs faking? Many doctors get angry at patients with imaginary symptoms because they can be insistent and stubborn in their demand for a cure to their ailment.


Do you find it difficult to say you're sorry?

Idealization and Contempt

Do you know someone who cycles between idealization and devaluation? It may be an indicator of a personality disorder.
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Narcissistic Injury

President Trump’s rage reactions exemplify how a narcissistic personality order responds to a narcissistic injury.

Was Frida Kahlo a Narcissist?

Why is there so much interest in Frida Kahlo? When she married Diego Rivera, he was a world-renowned painter and she was virtually unknown.

Love Me, Love Me Not

Are you constantly angry at your boyfriend because he doesn't call you or contact you after you've spent a romantic evening or weekend together?

The Schizoid Personality

Are you alone and depressed because you alternate between yearning to be with someone and feeling taken over by them?

Love and Separation Throughout the Life Cycle

Do you wish your adult children needed you more?

Thanksgiving Trumped

Are you afraid to see your relatives (who voted differently) on Thanksgiving?

How I overcame my phobia of dogs.

I was afraid of dogs. But I needed to get over it to help my son.

Just Say No

Are you afraid to say "no"? Do you often feel angry because you are spending time with people you don't like? Are you wasting time doing favors for people who don't matter to you?

Sibling Conflict and Gender

Are your siblings sharing the burden of caring for Mom?

The Downside of Narcissism

Despite the pleasure of feeling like everything revolves around you, feeling like the sun has certain disadvantages as well—it makes other people angry and envious.

Trump and Narcissism

Narcissism is back--it's on the cover of Psychology Today! Donald Trump is responsible for narcissism’s return to the popular consciousness.

Taking Care of Elderly Parents

Is taking care of an elderly parent making you feel guilty no matter how much you do?

Sibling Rivalry

Is sibling rivalry inevitable? What can parents do to minimize it?