What Psychologists Do and Don't Look Like

A new survey indicates that psychologists are not as diverse as the clients they serve. But the cultural relevance of psychotherapy is more important than psychologist ethnicity.

It's the Journey, Not the Destination—or Is It?

People in the United States tend to focus on the present. People in East Asia tend to focus on the past and future. A balance between the past, present, and future is needed.

Discrimination: Is It Me or Is It Them?

It is common to blame yourself for discrimination. But discrimination is not your fault.

Why Did Diversity Become a Bad Word?

"Diversity" is one of the seven words banned by the Trump administration. But research indicates that diversity can benefit everyone.

What’s In a Name?

Changing your name can help you be accepted, but there are costs and benefits.

Navigating the Holidays

Holiday gatherings are a mixture of joy and stress. People planning can reduce stress and increase joy.

Is the Grass Greener on the Other Side?

Moving to a new place can be alluring. But social connectedness is more important for your health than where you move.

Compassion Fatigue

News of disasters can be overwhelming. But practical ways of helping others can be energizing.

Thresholds for Racism

Some people have high thresholds for racism. But subtle racism is more widespread than blatant racism. An awareness of history can improve accuracy in detecting racism.

They All Look Alike

Can we improve our ability to recognize the faces of people in groups other than our own? Experience with others can help.

Cultural Humility

The United States' relationships with other cultures have declined. Cultural humility can help correct this.

Creating Safe Spaces

The idea of creating a safe space is well-intentioned. But creating a safe space takes work.

Taking Turns

Do your conversations with others seem to go nowhere? Taking turns can make a difference.

Cultural Identity Theft

Is it harmful to take something from someone else's culture and use it? Psychological science suggests that harm may occur.

Psychology Is like Oregon

Neither Oregon nor psychology is diverse. Examining one's perspectives on diversity may help with change.

Be True to Your School(s)

Sports team loyalties are similar to cultural identities. Sometimes you have more than one.

Losing My Religion

A solitary religious experience is common in White Christian churches. In contrast, Asian ethnic churches emphasize being part of a community.


Familismo is a Latinx cultural value. But it can facilitate mental health for people from any cultural background.

Life as a Banana

Assimilation can be good for Asian Americans' mental health. But there may be hidden benefits of being Asian in the United States.

What Is Healthy Masculinity?

Traditionally masculine characteristics are associated with men's mental health problems. Healthy masculinity may involve a dose of femininity.

If You’ve Seen One, You’ve Seen Them All?

Single experiences sometimes lead to stereotypes. Attention to differences can reduce prejudice.

The Platinum Rule

"Where are you from? Could this question make someone feel excluded? Following the Platinum Rule can make people feel included.

Occidental Tourist

Mindfulness looks different in the West than in the East. Balancing a focus on self and others.

Secret Asian Man?

Why are Asian Americans academically successful? The reason is practical.

Never Home for the Holidays

Biracial people may never really feel at home for the holidays or anytime else. Tactful questions may make them feel more included.

Navel Gazing

Most psychologists study people like themselves. But one size does not fit all with psychology research findings.

Homeless for the Holidays

The U.S. has high rates of homelessness and individualism. Lack of connection results in lack of compassion.

Only Penguins Look Alike

People outside our group may “all look alike” because we have limited experience with them. However, looking like someone who may be dangerous does not make a person dangerous.
"green apples with rotten parts"/Fanny's Pix/Flickr

Who’s Not in the “Basket of Deplorables”?

Hillary Clinton called half of Trump supporters "deplorables". But why would someone who is not misogynist, racist, or homophobic vote for Trump?