Singles Value Freedom More and Get More Happiness Out of It

Unmarried people value expressive and individualistic experiences more than married people do. They also get more happiness out of their valuing of freedom and creativity.

Want to Live as Long as Possible? In New Study, Most Say No

Asked how long they wanted to live, people 60 and older from Germany, China, and the U.S. often said that staying reasonably healthy was more important than just living longer.

On Ellen, Saoirse Ronan Beautifully Resists Pressure to Date

In a clip viewed more than 8 million times, Ellen relentlessly pressured Saoirse Ronan to express an interest in dating. Saoirse resisted magnificently.

Better to Have Loved and Lost Than Never Have Loved at All?

A narrow version of Tennyson’s lines about love and loss has been tested in increasingly sophisticated ways. Here’s what the research shows.

Women Who Are Comfortably Single at Midlife

A small study of midlife single women shows how they come to reject the story that tells them they are deficient and instead live full and meaningful lives.

Meaningful Moments from Two Decades Studying Single People

A moment when the conversation about single people suddenly became more enlightened, and another moment that left me stunned and demoralized.

The Stories of 2017: Singles-Shaming Is So Last Year

Out in 2017: Stories shaming single people. In: Stories celebrating them, acknowledging their issues, and calling them badasses

Two Single Women Who Outlived Nearly Everyone in the World

Two single women outlived nearly everyone else in the world. Why did their stories seem to matter even more than scientific research documenting the longevity of single people?

How President Trump's Lies Are Different From Other People's

I thought Trump would be more self-serving in his lies than most other people. He was. But that wasn’t what stood out most about his ways of lying.

Are Women Harsher in Judging Single Women Than Single Men?

Are women especially judgmental and mean about single women, as the “catty women” caricature would suggest? Scientific studies provide a consistent answer.

Pure Solitude, Away From Devices, Is Calming: New Research

Four new studies show that pure solitude, away from electronic devices, is calming. They also help explain when time alone is and is not experienced as sad, lonely, or boring.

Difficult People Have a Place in Our Lives

A new study identifies the people in our lives who are most likely to be difficult and helps explain why they still have a place in our lives.

Think You’re Not a Virgin? Consider This

People with no romantic relationship experience often feel shame. They shouldn’t. In other times and places, they probably wouldn’t.

That’s So Aromantic!

Some people just aren’t into sex. Others just aren’t into romance. To understand what this means, we need to recognize four kinds of people.

Bromance Over Romance, Say Men in New Study

A study of 30 heterosexual university men found that they valued their bromances more than their romances in every way except one.

Teen Dating and Sex Hit Record Lows for Recent Decades

The authors think the path to adulthood is slowing. I think the story is bigger than that.

14 Signs That Someone Is Happy Being Single

Are you a confirmed bachelor? Here’s a serious set of answers, some of them based on research.

How Many Americans Want to Be Single? Results of 5 Studies

How many unmarried Americans want to be married? 5 studies suggest answers, but it will take a revolution to know for sure.

Beyond Self-Love: What Marrying Yourself is Really All About

I used to think marrying yourself was a bad idea because it borrows the wedding template. Now I think that template makes a statement about single people that needs to be heard.

A Positive Psychology of Single Life

How do single people thrive, despite all the singlism and matrimania? A chapter in a new book about positive psychology offers some answers.

The Emotional Life of Single People

For people who love living single and for people who really don’t, emotional life is complicated.

Why Divorced People Are Key to Understanding Marriage

A study of 10,000 Dutch adults looked at the health of married people to see if it had anything to do with who got divorced. Did it ever.

One Parent Can Do Just As Good a Job As Two, Women Say

A new national survey finds that women have mostly positive and open-minded views of the many different life paths that people pursue today.

Individualism Goes Global: More Live Alone, Value Friends

A study of 51 years of data from 78 nations shows a rise in individualism around the globe. More people are living alone, divorcing, and valuing their friends over their family.

Health Benefits Unlikely Even From the Longest Marriages

New research looking at men and women of different ages who have been married for different lengths of time finds scant evidence that people who marry get healthier.

What’s in It for Women? Vs. What’s in It for My Husband?

A new study suggests that single women think differently than married women in a way that helps explain why they vote reliably for Democrats and married women do not.

The Life-Changing Magic of Going Your Own Way

Guest blogger Ellen Worthing watched all the kayaking couples go in one direction, and she went the other. It did not turn out the way any of them anticipated.

Another Great Thing About Being Alone

What feels restful? Who gets the most rest? Does it matter if we get enough rest? A survey of people from 134 countries offers some insights.

The Badass Personalities of People Who Like Being Alone

What are the personality characteristics of people who like spending time alone? What about people who are unafraid to be single? Four studies offer an affirming profile.

Why Do People Lie to You?

What is it about you that tempts other people to tell you lies? Here are the good qualities and your not-so-good qualities that make you a target.