Changing the Narrative (Part 2)

We never know when we are going to affect someone in big and meaningful ways—for the better, or for the worse. As such, keep putting the good stuff out there, again and again.

Changing the Narrative (Part 1)

Often the stories we tell ourselves, ignore how brave we’ve been. Too often they neglect the healing and growth that is possible. We are more than the stories we tell.

Work as a Calling (Part 2)

Regardless of the mission of our organization, our job function, or the various tasks we must do, we all have opportunities to affect the lives of others in meaningful ways.

Work as a Calling (Part 1)

By learning to inject the best aspects of yourself into your work, the difficult-tedious moments will start to dissolve, and what you do everyday will feel more like a calling.

Sharks and Stoics

We have heard it so often it has become cliché. Our thoughts about things, really are different than the things themselves.

Rediscovering a Zest for Life

When we seek the strange or exotic that is just outside our door, we can rediscover who we really are and begin to live our lives more passionately.

Successful Change With Dumbo's Feather

Sometimes we need something to remind us that we can soar too.

Stress at Work

In our modern lives, we no longer need to worry about predators yet we are stressed all the time. There are things you can do.

The Gratitude Diet™

Rather than denying yourself the fried oysters or cheesecake, enjoy them even more. Make the experience holy and intimate.

Healing a Nation

The recent election highlighted that we are a nation divided. Staying open to understanding does not require that we agree. But it does reassert a sense of humanity in the other.

Stoic Truths for a Digital World

At every turn there are advertisers ready to sell us an image that speaks to our vulnerabilities and dreams. The Stoics tell us something about living the life we want to live.

Bridging the Divide

How are we to live with technology? Every time we refuse the other, we risk losing the ability to look our fellow beings in the eye and say the hard, compassionate truths.

Authentic Kindness in Work and in Life

As I watched my child struggle, I was pulling my hair out searching for a way to take this research into happiness and meaning and goodness and find ways to use it in the tough spots in life.

Resilience, Growth & Kintsukuroi

Standing and staring in the face of broken promises and broken dreams, eye-to-bloodshot-eye with our most assiduous fears, sometimes we discover that we were stronger than we imagined: that we can withstand more and that there is no reason to fear.

Hugging the Horse's Head

In an open air market in Turin, Nietzsche witnessed a merchant flogging a horse. He ran to the animal and yelled for the beating to stop. He threw himself between beast and whip, and hugged the equine’s thick neck. This frail and sickly philosopher who gave us the Übermensch and slave morality, then collapsed, weeping. I understand why Nietzsche hugged the horse's head.

Throwing Bullets on the Fire

We look at the mindless things others do and it is easy to blame. But we forget that we are negligent too. Negligent and unlucky is a crime no one can shake.

Happiness, Meaning and Taxes

Sometimes we find the meaning in our lives only when we set aside those things that are the best and most beautiful about us... Sometimes for our lives to matter we must delay our dreams and passionate engagements and instead do our duty.