Is Hating Your Body Serving You?

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Feeling an Urge and Then Doing an "Opposite Action"

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Tips for Shutting Down Diet-Talk

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Eating Disorder Recovery and Relapse Prevention

Tips for creating a relapse prevention plan in recovery

3 Things People with Eating Disorders Need to Know

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Food and Fitness: The Case for Letting go of Extremism

Moderation is the key to improved health and quality of life

Tips for Facing Fear Foods in Eating Disorder Recovery

Exposing yourself to fear foods is critical in your eating disorder recovery.

3 Reasons Why You Should Finally Throw Away Your Scale

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How the Idea of "Healthy Eating" can be Harmful

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3 Myths About Weight and Health, Debunked

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Eating Disorders: 3 Tips for Getting Through the Holidays

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Shifting Focus to What Really Matters in Life

External achievements will not bring sustaining happiness and meaning.

Weight-Bias Within The Eating Disorder Recovery Movement

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