How to Stay Attentive

Knowing how to improve concentration will help you feel confident and weather periods of stress, when your focus takes a hit. Do you live near a park? Go for a walk.

Exercise Doesn't Have to Be Boring

Exercise is good for your mental and physical health, but you wouldn't stick with it if you're bored. Try dance or martial arts.

Are Acid-Reducers Increasing Dementia?

There are plenty of reasons not to take acid-reducers, but dementia probably isn't one of them.

Yoga Has Real Health Benefits

Don't dismiss yoga: It plus aerobics leads to more health benefits than twice the aerobics.

Why Babies Cry

Look at a wailing baby's eyes to see if they are frightened, angry, or in pain.

Be An Organ Donor

Donating your organs could be the most charitable act of your lifetime. But only half of Americans are signed up.

Will It Last? Three Tests

To know whether your relationship will last, think more deeply about time.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: More Research Backs Up Patients

More evidence that chronic fatigue syndrome affects your brain.
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Seeing Ghosts in Your Bedroom? It's Sleep Paralysis

Some people wake up briefly paralyzed, seeing ghosts, or feeling themselves hovering over their bodies. Here's what is probably going on.

Get Your Teen Off the Phone

Therapy, sleep, exercise, and socializing in person may be more likely to help your depressed teen than an antidepressant.

Four Non-Prescription Remedies for ADHD

A healthy diet and supplements my help ADHD.

Why You Hate Exercise

If you hate exercise, look harder for ways to make it pleasant--get out in sunshine or find a buddy.

Magnesium Might Boost Mood

Magnesium can boost mood. If you have muscle aches, tics or irritable bowel syndrome, consider a magnesium supplement.

My Pain Isn't Your Pain

Some people feel more physical pains than others. Talk about it. Don't let anyone patronize you and also don't judge.

How to Deal With People Who Interrupt

Some strategies to deal with interruptors--and insight on why they do it. And remember--you may be the problem.

If Sun Makes You Happier, Think about Your Vitamin D Level

If the summer sun gives you an especially big mood boost, consider whether you could benefit from a sunlamp or Vitamin D supplement in the darker months.

To Age Well, You Need Friends

New research suggests that the importance of friendship increases with age. This works both ways—quarrels with friends, it suggests, is tied to chronic health problems.

Help Your Kids Psych Themselves for Tests

Pre-performance rituals can help your kids shine before tests and performances.

MRI Scans to Choose Depression Treatment?

One day, brain scans may help patients pinpoint which depression treatment will work for them.

Banish These Bad Ideas About Dyslexia

Dyslexia isn't a vision or behavior problem and can't be cured with bone broth. But your child can flourish.

When Friends Believe Nonsense

Do you discourage your loved ones' silly medical treatments?

Teach Your Teen About Alcohol

Twenty percent of U.S. high school students say they'll get into a car with a driver who has been drinking.

Naps Help Preschoolers Learn Language

Small children learn words more easily if they get enough sleep.

All the Lonely People, Where Do They All Come From?

Loneliness is a health risk, especially for older people. Make sure the person you love is plugged in.

Make Negative Thinking Work for You

Don't insist on "positive thinking." Aim to think clearly.

Diet Soda Tied to Memory Loss

Soda, diet or sugary, is linked to memory loss.

Men Get Baby Blues, too

Men can get badly depressed with a newborn, and affect the child's future.

Get Outside in a Park With Your People

Get outside in greenery to have difficult conversations or to bond.

Help for That Buzz In Your Ear

Treat your anxiety—or try brain-training exercises—to beat ringing in the ears.

When a Gene Test Could Help You Pick an Anti-Depressant

If you can afford it, save yourself months and get a gene test when you're depressed.