Science Springs

Hypotheses Versus Predictions

The terms "hypotheses" and "predictions" are often used interchangeably. They are very different things, however. Distinguishing between them can lead to better science.

Losing It

Although everyone loses things, no one has studied how we search for lost items. This would be a wonderful research topic that could shed light on memory more generally.

Musical Fingerings

A wonderful research opportunity awaits those interested in modeling the way violinists and other musicians choose the fingerings they use.

Your Clothes Have Extended Your Life

Don't think genes, lots of sleep, and healthy eating are the only keys to living longer. Those shoes of yours and other parts of your wardrobe may be important as well.

Who Says You Can't Live a Million Years?

Mentally stretch the time you have and you'll live for what seems like a million years.

Inner Tennis

A student in Intro Psych suggested a way to help completely paralyzed patients answer yes-no questions by asking them to play inner tennis or mentally walk through their homes.

Gentle Touch

Feather-light touch might help stroke victims and others with brain damage regain movement capabilities.

Bathroom Reading

Why don’t your own poops smell?