"What Are You?" A Legacy of Laws of Segregation

No human being should ever be asked, “what are you?” When that is asked, the problem is with a person’s too intense psychological need to pin down someone’s race.

Transgender and Respect in Today’s Future of Neo-Diversity

Neo-diversity is a wrinkle in time in the fabric of America. We are already living in the future, and that is hard on our individual psychology.

America’s Mission Statement Is Our Light Against Bigotry

America's mission statement is "We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal." Here's how you can use that light to stand up against everyday bigotry.

American Bigotry: Now It’s Personal

Today we are seeing the panic that results when a sense of group superiority is no longer supported by legal social structures.

What! Lynched Bananas, Swastikas on College Campuses?

Colleges and universities should not be surprised by the appearance of a swastika, lynched bananas on campus because we set up the environment that lets bigotry live and thrive.

Light After the Darkness of the American Eclipse

David Baron’s “American eclipse” is not about bigotry. But bigotry is part of the intergroup context of America that must be shown even in a book about early American astronomy.

Teaching About Neo-Diversity Matters

Everywhere…nooses, swastikas, KKK rallies… around the nation. What is the stimulus for this intergroup tension in America? It’s rapid social change; it’s all about neo-diversity.

Dear White People?

Use of group stereotypes should not only be offensive to you when aimed at a group with whom you identify. All bigotry is the same.

Sometimes Bigotry Is Just Bigotry

Has all the talk about white privilege been effective in weakening the attractiveness of President Donald Trump’s anti-group rhetoric toward some of our fellow Americans? No.

President Trump Will Make America Simple Again

Mr. Trump's underlying message that he would "Make America simple again" connected very strongly with the anxiety some people are feeling about so-called political correctness.

Trump Wins: Is America Headed Toward a New Racism?

Once he is inaugurated as president, Trump will have the power to propose policies that mirror his anti-group campaign rhetoric; we must understand that prejudice is not racism.

Donald Trump Is Not the Lone "Grabber"

Painful for me, I encounter the social reality of sexual assaults in the personal stories young women trust me with in their papers at the end of my social psychology course.

Colin Kaepernick’s Protest is as Patriotic as Apple Pie

America is …ready for some football. But by not standing for the national anthem NFLer Colin Kapernick reminds us of Americas intergroup tensions; us-versus-them anger takes over.

America's Racial Hunger Games

Race is cat-fishing Americans. Based on our segregated racial past we go along trying to represent what we think is our racial district. But representing race is a killing game.

Gays and Lesbians and Transgendered...Oh my!

Americans are wildly overestimating the percentage of the population that is homosexual. That is being caused by neo-diversity anxiety that is moving into a dangerous paranoia.

Bathrooms Have Always Been a Civil Rights Issue

NC HB2 controls which bathrooms transgendered persons can use. "White only" we have seen before. Why? If you use the same bathroom, you cannot say you are a more authentic human.

Cancelling Islamophobia

It's time to stand up for each other’s humanity.

College Student Protests Are About Resisting the Dark Side

Some say to college students, the world is a hard place; you just have to take the intolerance; “…suck it up.” But we did not say that to members of our military.

How About Working On Your Theory of Mind

In neo-diverse America, a theory of mind that does not attempt to include the perspective of people not "like me" is faulty and maladaptive.

Paris!: No Man or Woman Is an Island

Soon after the attacks on Paris, I received this question: "Dr. Nacoste, I have read/heard black students and professionals say that ‘I can't stand with France because there are issues impacting black students in America that people aren't talking about.’ Dr. Nacoste, help me unpack this..." Oh my...was only the beginning of my response.

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Terrorist?

Stereotypes allow us to “…keep it simple.” We are especially prone to using stereotypes in times of social change. Like now; we have gone from a segregated society to a neo-diverse society. And as we struggle with our anxieties about neo-diversity, too often we rely on illusory correlations, giving our children the impression you can use a name to identify a terrorist.

What Is Dr. Ben Carson Talking About?

Bigotry can be about any group. Nowadays too many are confused about that fact. Anybody, you see, can be a bigot. Skin color does not prevent or absolve bigotry.

Sometimes a Joke is Not Just a Joke

Nowadays, and too often, a joke is used to camouflage anti-group feelings (i.e. prejudice). But the camouflage is itself a neo-diversity problem. Camouflage, you see, does not eliminate the bigotry of the joke. Outward, behavioral (word or deed) expression of anti-group feelings is bigotry. No matter how it is dressed, bigotry is still bigotry.

9 Tips to Help You Interact Well in a Diverse America

Nowadays we are seeing advice articles that try to help us interact better in today's America. “Never say this to a gay person.” “Never say this to an interracial couple.” “Never say this…” Those kinds of advice articles are showing up all over the place. But what is going on that makes this kind of advice necessary? Here's why and ways to improve your social life.

Not Even Murderer Dylan Roof Is An Island

Dylann Roof is not insane. Dylann Roof is not a lone wolf. Dylann Roof was not socially isolated. Although he had friends who gave him a place to stay, his so called friends did not really engage him in social interaction. Not insane, not a lone wolf, but Dylann Roof was social disconnected.

Why the Confederate Flag Had to Come Down

Taking the Confederate Battle Flag down from an honored position on the SCstate government grounds was important because a symbol of racial prejudice and bigotry was removed as a display of government support. Now when any citizen looks at the symbols of the SC government, there is nothing to suggest that one racial group is more important than another in that state.

After Charleston, what now?

We, as individual citizens of this nation, have been too passive in our encounters with language bigotry in our everyday lives. “It’s just a joke,” people say, and we take it as so. “Oh, they don’t really mean that; they’re just joking,” we say to ourselves and others to let it pass.

Tolerance Is Outdated For Interacting in Neo-Diverse America

Now it has become ever more important for Americans to learn to accept and embrace our neo-diversity; the many different groups that make up our nation. Not tolerate, but accept and embrace America’s neo-diversity. I am forever flummoxed that people still think the solution to intergroup matters is tolerance. We just have to learn to be more tolerant. Really?

To Chet (Son of Tom) Hanks: No Innocent Racial Slurs

No one can talk their way out of the intended group-division and hierarchy pushed by the language bigotry of racial slurs. That because the social psychology of it is that language-bigotry of any group slur is intended to push an “us versus them” way of thinking, feeling and behaving.

Memorial Day, 2015

Memorial Day is the day to know and understand that prejudice and bigotry are domestic enemies of our constitution and domestic enemies of America.