Why Time Stops at Near Death

A new study confirms earlier investigations and anecdotal reports that a majority of individuals with a near-death experience also report the feeling of timelessness.

Losing Time: Sexual Absorption and the Body

Absorption during sex is more closely related to desire and satisfaction in women than in man.

The Matrix Effect: When Time Slows Down

Have you had this kind of experience? Time seemed to slow down during an accident. Here are answers to the questions of why this happens and what then happens in the brain.

The timing of free will

Why the famous Libet task does not touch on our notion of free will.

Gaining Happiness by Losing Yourself

A novel scientific perspective on happiness and a potential to treat mental disorders.

When We Were Zombies: Why Time Consciousness Matters

Break with some of your daily routines. Surprise intensifies the feeling of your self and expands subjective time.

The Passage of Time Across the Life Span

Research has confirmed that subjective time passes increasingly faster as we grow older. A study now shows that the ability of 'emotion regulation' can slow down subjective time.

The Case of Boredom: Enduring Empty Time

Are you often bored? Make use of those situations in order to intimately experience yourself and to eventually adjust yourself.