Porn Isn’t the Problem

Porn might spark disagreements, but usually the real problem has nothing to do with porn itself.

Agreeing About Porn

Despite all the controversy, most people use porn responsibly, but romantic partners still need to agree about how it fits into their sex life.

Have Fun With Sexual Fantasies

Sexual fantasies are private experiences, but sharing them with your partner can ramp up the passion and increase your intimacy.

Men Masturbate to Make Up the Difference—But Women Don't

More data shows that men and women may masturbate for different reasons. Less sexually satisfied men masturbate more—but not women.

Premature Ejaculation: Learn Control

Lots of men worry about climaxing too quickly, but those who do can learn to slow things down--and to give their partner a great time without one.

Erectile Disorder: Not the End of the World

Erections sometimes go missing, but it doesn’t need to be a big deal.

Boosting Low Sexual Desire

Reduced sexual desire is both common and reversible.

Difficult Sexual Negotiations

Big sexual differences can derail your entire relationship, but they don’t have to.

Negotiate Sexual Differences, Part 2: How Often We Do It

Do you and partner disagree on how often to have sex? Here's how to find common ground.

Negotiate Sexual Differences, Part 1: What We Do

Do you and partner want different things sexually? Here's how to find common ground.