How the “Porn Addiction” Movement Disrespects Women

Assuming that women can't control their emotions in the face of their partner's porn use disempowers them--and undermines the partnership a couple needs to work things out.

What Four Challenges Do Couples Face in 2018?

What 4 challenges do couples face this year about love, sex, & intimacy? What do therapists need to understand about them?

Is Underpants in a Painting Always About Sex?

If it reminds some people of sex, does that make it sexy--and therefore dangerous?

Harvey Weinstein Proves Sex Addiction Doesn't Exist

Labelling Harvey Weinstein a "sex addict" allows us to confidently say "I'm not like that," rather than encouraging us to look at our own pain.

Hugh Hefner: No Saint, But a Revolutionary

Do you enjoy the freedom to craft your unique sexuality? Thank Hugh Hefner, who pioneered the way for women and men.

Open Letter to College-Bound Kids About Sex

Sex can be thrilling, awful, or even both. We should be honest with college students about the difference.

Husbands Watch Porn, Wives Despair—But Why?

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6 Legitimate Reasons a Partner May Have a Low Desire for Sex

Low sexual desire is a troubling issue. When is it not a sexual dysfunction?

Why Does the Religious Right Hate Your Birth Control?

Scripture doesn't mention birth control. So why are many religious people against it—for you?

Government Criminalizes Sexual Fantasy

Erotic age role-play between adults is incredibly common. Unfortunately, prosecutors and juries think it's sick and dangerous.

President Trump: Here Are Actual Facts About Sex

There are opinions about sex, and facts about sex. Here are some facts to help Mr. Trump govern us.

10 Ideas That Can Give You a Better Sex Life

Want to enjoy sex more? Don't get more exotic—get more real.

Our Sexual Bodies Really Do Change, Part I

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Kids Need Porn Literacy

Concerned that your children are accessing porn--and getting wrong ideas about sex? Help them develop Porn Literacy.

Pornography: Great Fantasies, Poor Modeling

Are you looking at porn realistically? It is neither a documentary nor primarily violent.

Sex, Secrets, and Shame

Should the government criminalize fantasies? Many people already feel ashamed of theirs.

Pamela Anderson & Shmuley Boteach: "Porn is for Losers"

An anti-masturbation clergyman and a Baywatch actress join forces to promote a moral panic.

Sacrificing Reality to Sexual Politics

Exaggerating or inventing stories to bolster social justice movements will eventually undermine social justice.

A Couple Quits Therapy; What Is “Normal” Desire?

When is a lack of desire a problem to fix, and when is it a reasonable response?

National Men’s Health Week

Let's talk about sexual health--without focussing on STDs

“Politics? I’m Interested in Sex, Not Politics.”

Think your sexuality belongs to you? Think again. Thousands of laws regulate every aspect of our sexuality.

Open? Poly? Beyond Affairs and Cheating

"Open" and "poly" relationship arrangements have a lot to offer--and they're complicated.

Does Pornography Demean Women?

Some porn may be ugly or distasteful. But the idea that it "demeans women" is essentially a rejection of female sexuality.

Ten Erection Disappointments That Are NOT “ED”

Didn't get an erection last time you wanted to? You probably don't have "ED"--maybe it's just unrealistic expectations.

No Mabel, You DON'T Have to Compete With Porn Actresses

Comparing yourself to porn actresses--and feeling resentful? Here's an alternative.

The Dirty Little (Sex) Secret of Therapy

Patients should be safe assuming that therapists understand sex as it actually is, don't believe discredited myths, and can discuss anything.

Limiting Abortion to Healthy Fetuses?

To make a point, states are criminalizing abortions that don't exist.

"Pink Viagra"—No It Isn't

FDA approves Flibanserin—and the search for sexual desire continues.

Eleven Facts About Sex I Wish Judges & Lawyers Understood

The justice system requires knowledgeable judges and lawyers. When it comes to sex, most aren't.

Is Everyone on Looking for a Match?

Many people use dating sites to window shop. Their mates, however, may not be amused.