How to Find Silence: A Map

Stressed out? Follow this map to find peace

Risk, Fear, and the Rise of Demagogues

Politicians have traditionally appealed to our fight-or-flight reflex to save their political bacon. Donald Trump looks set to do the same.

Death and the Risk-taker

Philosopher Anne Dufourmantelle, who criticized the safe life, is killed saving children from drowning
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Thoreau: The Video Game

A video game based on "Walden" offers a virtual walk in the woods, even as it contradicts the spirit of Thoreau's book.

Good News in the Fight Against Ocean Noise

A small victory is scored against the forces that fill the oceans with noise.

To Commemorate WWI, Silence Is the Best Symbol

On this weekend that commemorates war in different ways, it behooves us to observe a minute of silence to think about waging peace.

Why Air Crash Victims' Families Still Long to Find the Plane

The spatial basis of memory in our brain explains why humans have always sought to locate their dead, even as the search for the disappeared Malaysian Air Flight 370 winds up
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How We (Literally!) Navigate Sex

Feelings of lust, and other emotions, are hooked up to memories, which in our brains are linked to where they happened
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Our Maps Are Lies: How the Internet Reshapes Our World View

Thanks to information technology, our mental map of the world has, largely unbeknownst to our conscious selves, mutated into a very different animal

Why Is Navigation Crucial? Because It's the Same as Memory

We are our personality, our personality is what we remember. It follows that the navigation centers of our brain determine who we are

How Using Your GPS Too Much Could Kill You

Relying exclusively on our smartphone's GPS function not only erodes our personal spatial skills, but could adversely affect our brain. Also, it cuts us off from the real world

Over-reliance on High Tech May Have Caused a Sea Tragedy

High-tech hubris might lie at the heart of the sinking of a large US cargo ship and 33 crewmembers off the Bahamas last October

Announcing a New Lobby: Atheists for Christmas

Why should the faithful have all the fun? There's much for non-believers to value in the Yuletide tradition

The Dirty (Loud) Secret Behind Mass Gun Violence

Killers shoot for prime time, and we won't give up our infotainment
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Why Kids Love Harry Potter—and Hogwarts School

Children need to take risks, and the perils of Hogwarts give them that opportunity.

In Baltimore, an Empty Stadium and a Lack of Noise

Quiet baseball symbolizes a potential for hope as protests rack the city

Why "I Am Charlie" (And a Bit Danish too)

The attacks on free speech in France (and now Denmark) cannot be justified by a country's social problems

Why 'Je Suis Charlie'

Jihadists slaughtered Charlie Hebdo's staff for printing a provocative cartoon of Mohammed. The mass reaction in support of the satirical weekly teaches us something about France--and about essential freedoms as well (Part 1 of 2)

What Does It Mean When a Comet Plays Music?

A comet plays music, and suggests parallels not only with other cosmic music, but with our lives.

Are We All Suffering From E-bola?

In this Brave New Wired World, our personal cognitive map has been altered in ways we don't fully understand, making far-off dangers seem close and immediate

Kids Need a Charter for Smart Internet Use

Careless use of any infotech boosts stress and saps creativity. Here's a solution.

To Survive Information Sickness, Board This Lifeboat

Board this lifeboat to save yourself from the shipwreck of teledysfunction, aka information sickness

Stop Tele-Dysfunction Now!

Addiction to our online devices is degrading our humanity.

I Am Not a Luddite

Instead of seeking a nonexistent silence, we need to find a better balance between quiet and noise

Why Writers—and Everyone Else—Need Silence

Absolute silence is also what follows a traumatic shift in the balance of things. If you've ever heard a bomb go off; if you've ever been in a bad car crash, you know what I mean.

Even in the West, Writers Must Make Friends With Silence

Western culture pounds the value of noise into our heads, but writers and other artists know why they must continue to use silence as a tool

Silence of the Shepherd

Cardinals, already complicit in the coverup of child abuse in the Catholic church, have elected a pope who is a past master at consigning to silence crimes against humanity: In this case, the torture and murder of thousands in 1970s Argentina

Information Overload: It's Not Just a Bloody Nuisance

When our senses and consciousness are deluged with far more data than we evolved to deal with, we run into trouble

The De-Touching of America, Part Two: Taste

American consumers are being forcibly addicted to mass-produced foods, rich in salt, fats, and sugars. As a result, they are losing the ability, or the desire, to taste more subtle fare.

Why Americans Are Becoming Functionally Deaf

"Americans are functionally deaf." These words of sound expert Greg Miller are as true as they are unrecognized.