Your Aging Body

Why women shouldn't feel bad about getting older.

Unusual Ways to Lose Weight

Losing weight isn't always healthy. Beware: Here are ten things that will make the weight come off.

It’s Time to March!

There is no shortage of bad advice about how to lose weight. You’ll find bad advice on the internet, in books, and even from some “medical experts.” We need good science.

Make 2017 Your Year!

How to set (and keep) New Year's resolutions this coming year.

Barbie’s New Body

Mattell’s iconic Barbie doll now comes in multiple body types. But have they done enough?

The Divorce Diet

Why do we try to control what we eat when there is some other part of our life that feels out of control?

Eating Right in 2016: Still "Women's Work"?

Men and women approach food differently. Here's why.

My First Marathon

Want to run a marathon? Perseverance and luck may be all you need. For me, it was mostly about continuing to put one foot in front of the other and hoping for the best.

A Day of Eating in Paris

A day of observations lends some insight into the age old question: Why do the French eat so well yet stay so slim?

10 Fantastic Food and Fitness Quotes

Ready to get in shape or lose weight? Here are 10 famous quotes and some related science to help you get started today!

4 Key Facts About Your Body and Your Relationship

How we feel about our bodies impacts our relationships and our relationships impact our feelings about our bodies. So what are some of the lessons from science that can contribute to improvements in not only our body image, but possibly our relationships?

7 Eating Tips for People Too Smart to Diet

Experts weigh in! A registered dietician, nutritionist, a weight loss coach and others provide their most essential advice for weight loss. Surprisngly, no two people came up with the exact same advice!

What to Tell Your Daughter about Her Weight

How do we keep our girls from being weight obsessed in a culture that values thinness?

The 5 Secret Reasons We Don't Lose Weight

We all hear so many contradictory messages about the most effective route to weight loss that it is easy to feel confused. Although fads will come and go, there is concrete science to guide our weight loss efforts. One of the most important things is to avoid common pitfalls.

6 Reasons Smart People Don't Diet

Most men and women have been on a diet—at least one, if not many. We have because we’re tempted by the promises that inundate us. Lose a pound a day. Get a flat belly. Increase your metabolism. Be “thinspirational.” What’s not to like about this? The problem? These diets don’t work!

5 Lies from the Diet Industry

Looking to lose weight in 2015? Not sure why your diet isn't working yet? Maybe you need to consider the lies the diet industry has been telling you.

There’s an App for That, Or Is There?

In recent years, the number of smart phone apps available to help people lose weight, get in shape, or improve their health has proliferated. These apps are often free and provide a plethora of information about calories, fat grams, carbohydrates, and how many steps you take in any given day. But, do they really work?

New Year, New Us

When it comes to helping someone you care about lose weight, the critical goal may be, “first, do no harm.”
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A Recipe for the Holidays

With Thanksgiving just days away, you’ve probably thought about pulling out your favorite pumpkin pie recipe. You're not alone though if thoughts of holiday meals (and desserts!) concern you. However, the holidays can be festive without being fattening! Below are five tips to help you survive Thanksgiving through New Year’s while still wearing the same size pants.
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At Least They're Trying

Soda has been blamed for playing a huge role in the rise of obesity rates among youth and now soda companies are doing something about this. But, will a fancy marketing campaign actually help to improve kids' health?

7 Diet Rules Science Says You Should Stop Following

When it comes to trying to lose weight, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like a few easy rules to follow. The problem is that most diet rules don’t work. And, if they do work, they aren’t sustainable. Here are some of the most misleading rules and the science that explains why you should ignore them.

We Aren’t in Oz Anymore

Last month, Dr. Oz was the recipient of public scrutiny when he admitted that some of the weight loss products he endorsed weren’t exactly supported by science and probably wouldn’t pass the Food and Drug Administration’s standards of safe and consumable products. But are any weight loss supplements safe and effective?

Should You Let Your Kids Eat Junk Food?

Parents want to do the right thing when it comes to feeding their children well. But, junk food surrounds us. So, should we let our kids eat junk food? Or, should we battle it out with them day after day and offer more broccoli? The answer may surprise you.

Barbie Is a Swimsuit Model: Fake, Enhanced, and Plastic

Why is Barbie featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue? Do men really like "plastic" women? Are girls' body images affected by Barbie dolls?