Writing Women Into Psychology

Women and people of color were underrepresented relative to men and white people in a sample study of social psychology textbooks.

Congress Needs to Take Immediate Action on DACA

Identifying ways to move forward on DACA is a bipartisan concern. Without congressional action, the Administration will begin a phase-out of DACA on March 5, 2018.

Judicial Notebook: Racism in Jury Deliberations

In October 2016, the U.S. Supreme Court heard two cases that explore the extent to which racial bias can be remedied when it infects jury deliberations.

#MeToo: Insights From Psychological Theory and Research

The psychological and physical impact of sexual harassment on its victims is damaging and often long-lasting. #MeToo has rekindled questions about why and when it occurs.

Reframing the Budget Debate

Psychological research on moral values and persuasion offers ways to shift perceptions on what constitutes government spending and make progress on reducing the federal deficit.

Invest in Research to Understand Gun Violence

We must invest in research about gun violence to answer key questions. What motivates people to acquire guns? What groups and subgroups are at greater risk of being victimized?

Hate Mail as Data

I published an analysis of Trump voters & soon the hate mail started to arrive. Social scientists should look at this as data as an opportunity to study those who reject science.

Few Women in Tech

Multiple causes underlie the lack of women in tech jobs. Complex thinking is required to understand the issue rather than simply arguing for either nature or nurture.

Learning About Privilege

Privilege is usually completely invisible to those that benefit from it. By virtue of being born into certain groups, we find ourselves receiving unearned rewards.

Can Supreme Court Nominations Be Less Contentious?

What do you really know about the supreme court and the nominations process?

Welcoming Refugees and Immigrants Is Good for the U.S.

When the U.S. welcomes refugees regardless of religion, race, or ethnicity, we reap important social and economic rewards.

Social Science Builds Democracy

We need our partners in the democratic experiment to speak in support of sound science, reasoning based on evidence and the scientific method.

When Martin Luther King, Jr Addressed Social Scientists

In 1967, Martin Luther King Jr., addressed the APA convention at the invitation of SPSSI. Read the full text of his still relevant remarks in this special blog post.

It's No Wonder

Yes, DC Entertainment’s Wonder Woman was named the UN’s ambassador for gender equity.

Homelessness: What the Research Gets Wrong

By focusing on what is wrong with "the homeless, however, we risk following the classic steps of blaming the victim

Aging and Stereotyping

When knowledge about aging increases, ageist attitudes decrease.

Terrorism May Make Liberals Think More Like Conservatives

Attitudes towards Muslims and toward immigrants were more negative following the attacks than before, but only among liberals.
NPSC Coalition

An Ounce of Prevention

Most psychological and behavioral problems are interrelated and stem from the same adverse conditions.

SPSSI Calls for Female UN Chief

As women rise more rapidly into political leadership around the world, choice of a woman as Secretary-General would signal endorsement of this progressive change

Latest JSI Focuses on Ageism in Health and Employment

Research on ageism has gained more attention, especially as the baby boomers have started retiring, shepherding in an era that some call “the graying of America.”
Cyclo de la Pyme

Too Old to Hire?

People’s unacknowledged assumptions about age and age-related capability can affect the way they view someone’s employability.

How Can Scientists Tackle ‘Wicked Problems’?

We are coming up against the limits of research as it traditionally has been done.

When Good Intentions Aren't Supported by Evidence

Social science myths make a mockery of evidence-based advocacy and policy.

MLK: The Role of the Behavioral Scientist

The policymakers of the white society have caused the darkness; they create discrimination; they structured slums; and they perpetuate unemployment, ignorance and poverty.

SPSSI’s Journal Focuses on Interracial Marriage

Today, nearly 50 years after the US Supreme Court decision Loving v. Virginia legalized interracial marriage, these marriages are increasingly common

What Maine Can Learn from Lowell, Massachusetts

All of this is very much about how we learn from each other to create a vibrant economic future. And it is also about how we do so without losing the past.

Promoting Police-Citizen Harmony

Part of the disconnect between law enforcement and citizens may stem from a lack of agreement on what "reasonable" behavior is.

Why the Paris Climate Talks Are Important

The Paris talks prove that the whole world can work together to address the climate change problem. That is an achievement to celebrate.

It's Liberals, not Conservatives, whose Attitudes Change

“The overall impact [of terrorism] is to create a climate in which it may be harder to promote or sustain intergroup tolerance, inclusiveness and trust”

When Good Intentions Go Awry

Games are a unique form of media, and sometimes playing them can undermine the intended message