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Lessons from Zen Master Grandpa Jerry

Learn to love life's little moments.

Ladies, Want Your Man to Pay More Attention to You?

Ladies, men need more praise than you think.
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Strangulation and Domestic Violence Murders

Getting choked to death is a real risk in domestic violence assaults.

Coaching the Uncoachable Executive

How do we help toxic leaders who don't want help?
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Wounded by Sarcasm

Sarcasm is often mean words in disguise.
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It’s Your Birthday? Take the Day Off

Take your vacation days and add years to your life.
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Five Management Approaches to Workplace Violence Prevention

Companies can stop workplace violence if they follow these five steps.
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Ten Commandments for Those Considering Violence

Isn't it time we told potential workplace and school violence perpetrators to stop?, used with permission.

The Knowledge Curse

How do you handle people that "know it all" and won't shut up about it?
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When It Comes to Caring, More Brake, Less Gas Pedal

Most of the time, you don't need to care so much.
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The Best Crook I Ever Met

The best crooks where the best suits.
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Lessons From the Silver Thief

We can learn from skilled crooks how to keep ourselves and our stuff safer.
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Road Rage Revisited

Road rage is getting worse and more dangerous. Road ragers and their victims need help to cope in different ways.
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Why Diversity Training Usually Fails in the Workplace

Ever go to diversity training at your workplace? It probably wasn't very much fun. Used by Permission.

Should We Discipline Cops for “De-Policing”?

What happens when cops are too burned out, apathetic, and anxious to do their jobs? Is the current wave of police murders and anti-police sentiment to blame?

The Crime and Law Quiz Once Again

Think you know about cops and crooks? Take this crime quiz and find out.

The Crime and Law Quiz Revisited

Discover your crime, crooks, and law IQ with this quick quiz.

Six Questions You Need to Ask Yourself at Work

Are you approaching burnout in your job? Answer these six questions to find out.

What James Bond Teaches Us About Life

What can we learn about toughness from James Bond? Use these five tools for more mental and physical stamina.

Attention Extroverts! Leave Me Alone!

Being an Introvert in an Extrovert's world can be exhausting. Some rules between the two can help. Google Images

The “Trump Effect” in the Workplace

There are so many excuses for stupid or harassing behavior in the office.
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Idea Killers and Conversation Murderers

The "Yes, But" problem interferes with good communications.
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Everything Ends Up as Pornography

Internet access to pornography is negatively reshaping dating relationships Millennials have with each other.

All Motivation is Self-Motivation

Stop whining and start doing, today.

Reading Dangerous Faces

Children of alcoholics have had to become good face readers.

The 11 People We Love to Hate at Work

Challenging personality types like psychos, idea killers, and smart slackers can make for a long day on the job.

Love Your Work, Hate Your Tattoos and Piercings

Tattoos and piercings in the workplace are causing dividing lines between freedom of expression and company policies.

Burned out at Your Job?

Job burnout is part your responsibility and part your boss's responsibility.

Why Toxic People Drive You Mad

Toxic people at work and in your personal life can bring you down as they stress you out.

The Truth Behind the Run-Hide-Fight Debate

In the rare but catastrophic event of an active shooter at your workplace, should you follow the national protocol of Run-Hide-Fight?