One Line On Your Smartphone Email Can Define You As A Loser

If you're apologizing for something that hasn't happened, you're off to a really bad start.
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Tech Degree or Liberal Arts? We're Missing the Point!

Yes, a liberal arts education might be great, but it's time to rethink education from the ground up and stop trying to apply yesterday rules to a new technology-based world.
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The Style of Innovation: Elon Musk vs. Nikola Tesla

Big and bold might just be the type of thinking that can also kill innovation.
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Is American Healthcare Innovation in the ICU?

Consumers want innovation in healthcare. They're not getting what they want, at least not yet.
The Single Most Dangerous Word In Social Media

The Single Most Dangerous Word In Social Media

Need to get a company's attention in the world of failed products and horrible customer service?

A Scientific Perspective For Making Better Decisions

While multiple factors must be considered in any decision, the intrinsic stability or instability of a system or scenario can be a powerful tool in guiding decision making.

The Pastor Who Found God In Technology

God may not just be in the details, but in your smartphone.
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The Psychology of Bias in the Digital Age

Subtle yet powerful, the Internet is subconsciously driving our choices.
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I Got Hacked! Fibs, Fantasies, and Techo-Lies

Is technology the newest excuse for being late, lazy and lackadaisical?
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Why You Just Might Fall in Love With a Robot

Thoughts on human compassion and a bag of bolts.
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The Risk of Stroke and Dementia Masked by Simple Colors

New data suggest that sugar substitutes might be dangerous. The trick is to hide this issue with simple and powerful branding.
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The Collaborative Error That's Killing Innovation

The problem with conventional collaboration is that it often drives us to more of an intellectual average than to true innovation.
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United Airlines and the Short Fuse of Social Media

The temptation to throw companies and people off the cliff is a real problem.

The Artistic Side of Artificial Intelligence

Need a portrait? Your fine artist might just be a computer.

Why Language Really Matters

The search of patients for drug trials is doomed by language.

Technology's Battle for IQ, EQ, or Something Very Different

Enough with IQ and EQ. Technology is demanding its own score.