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Media Framing Effects

In light of a recent wave of acts of mass violence, it is timely to revisit scholarly work identifying when the media uses the term 'terrorism' and its potential effects.

Four Books to Change Your Life This Summer

A list of books that could be a catalyst for positive change and growth in your life this summer.

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First Generation Iranian American Speaks Out

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The Link Between Women’s Rights and National Security

Gender equality plays a pivotal role in combating violence and extremism across the globe.

Why We Need Science Now More Than Ever

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The Psychology of Social Media

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When Politics and Rape Culture Collide

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Why Colin Kaepernick Is a Patriot

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The Dark Side to the 2016 Olympics

Behind the pageantry, what are some of the hidden aspects to the Olympic games, and how do they trace back to the Nazi regime?

The Woman Who Brought Down Roger Ailes

Institutional sexism is put in the spotlight with the sexual harassment scandal surrounding Fox News CEO Roger Ailes.

Revisiting Harry Harlow’s Legacy: Cruelty Towards Monkeys

Iconic figures in psychology need to be more critically scrutinized when their research violates basic principles of ethics and morality. Harry Harlow is put under the spotlight.

Study Demonstrates Racial Disparity in Police Force

The science supports the arguments in favor of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Battle of the Letters on Social Media

Rape culture is once again in the spotlight as a rape survivor and the father of the rapist voice testimonials via social media.

How Wide Is the Generation Gap Between Students and Teachers

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Profile of a Mass Shooter: The Domestic Violence Link

An often dismissed link occurs between mass shootings and violent acts against women. Domestic violence is a legitimate risk factor for perpetrators of mass shootings.

Facebook Free: Aftermath

Are there benefits from taking a break from social media?