When You Forgive, Do You Need Love and Courage?

When you forgive, do you see its highest expression as love? Do you see the need for courage to accompany forgiveness? How can you balance these issues of love and courage?

Five Reasons Why Your Romantic Relationships Do Not Last

Even if you have had a series of challenging romantic relationships, your new partner and you may be strengthened if you consider the five points described here.

A Forgiveness Hint for You

We sometimes think that those who hurt us have far more control over us than they actually do.

The Mathematics of Forgiveness

When others treat us unfairly we tend to become collectors of wounds that can deprive us of happiness. Perhaps it is time to confront those accumulated wounds.

Is Your Family a Forgiving Community?

Families can reduce the tensions in the home and create greater harmony between partners and among children, if forgiveness becomes part of the norm for healthy family functioning.

On Being Treated Unfairly: Don’t Let Them Win Twice!

Too often when people hurt us, we get so angry that we hurt others. "The bad guys" then win twice: first in their hurting us and then in our becoming injurers of others.

Power: Five Non-Traditional Views

Is your basic life-orientation to seek power over others or to use what power you have to be in service to others? Five ideas are presented to help you self-examine power.

Three Reasons Why “Quick Forgiveness” Is Not Phony

Not all quick forgiveness is phony forgiveness.

Anger and Cancer: Is There a Relationship?

Might being overly angry put one at risk for certain kinds of cancers?

Your Legacy After You Die: Will It Be Anger or Love?

When you die, you might leave a legacy of anger in the world that could be passed to your children. Or you could leave a legacy of love that is passed on as a gift to others.

Two Weaknesses of Forgiving: It Victimizes and Stops Justice

Do you have thoughts about forgiveness that stop you from forgiving? You might want to carefully examine these thoughts to be sure you are not blocking yourself from healing.

Are You High in Moral Development? Do You Love?

Is the field of moral development as morally developed as it should be? If not, maybe you are under-striving to be the most highly developed person you can be. See where you stand.

The Cure for Self Loathing? Self-Forgiveness

Self-loathing can take its toll on a person, robbing the self of vitality and happiness. Self-forgiveness can restore that vitality and set you free from the bondage of your past.

You Are More Than Your Emotional Pain: You Are a Person

When you are in emotional pain, do your best to resist defining yourself primarily by that pain which you carry within. You are a person of great worth. Try to see this.

Are You Stuck and Can’t Get Unstuck? Try Practicing Courage!

Are you stuck in life's rut? Practicing courage on a daily basis may be for you.

When It’s Hard to Forgive: Five Suggestions for You

Do not quickly abandon the forgiveness process once you begin. Consider these ideas for your healing.

Why You Might Have Low Self-Esteem and How to Cure That

When you believe the lie from others that you are worth less than the rest, then you sometimes believe it. Don’t.

Do You Want Good Self-Care? Love Others

Learning to love more consistently, more consciously, and more deeply is healthy for you.

Renewing War-Torn Communities Through Forgiveness Education

Might forgiveness education be the missing piece to the peace puzzle?

A New Approach to Reducing Depression

Do you want to reduce your symptoms of psychological depression even more? Consider forgiveness therapy.

Why Resentment Lasts—and How to Defeat It

Resentment is a formidable foe. Are you willing to defeat it by trying these 5 approaches?

Five Forgiveness Exercises for Couples

Do you want a stronger relationship with your partner? If so, you might try these five forgiveness exercises.

Forgiveness: 3 Misconceptions

Forgiving others can be misunderstood, preventing psychological healing.

Forgiveness Therapy and Empathy in Cases of Sexual Abuse

Is encouraging empathy within psychotherapy always a good idea or can it be dangerous especially in cases of sexual abuse?

Why We Need Forgiveness Education

How can we survive, as adults, the cruelty of others when we never have been introduced to forgiveness as children?

Is It True That Forgiveness Is “Ridiculous”?

Might the idea of forgiving others be something that is ridiculous? Let us explore this together.

Afraid of Mingling with the Relatives This Holiday Season?

Turn those awkward family gatherings into harmony and joy.

A New Approach to School Bullying: Eliminate Their Anger

It is time to end school bullying by curing the anger in those who bully.

"Forgiveness Saved My Life"

Can we learn from those who are suffering in prison? They may be our teachers when it comes to forgiving.