The Hell Fires of Depression

Do you stay stuck in hell or take steps to keep going through it?

Depression and Dignity

Don’t let depression steal your personal dignity!

Depression Does Not Discriminate

Does having access to the best resources prevent a mood disorder?
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Sharing Decisions with Your Clinician

Be a member of your own treatment team.
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Staying In the Game

What it takes to not give up - the pros and cons of just staying in the game
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Mental Illness Splits Families

Does mental illness in one person create anger and resentment in your other family members?
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What Do We Lose From Life When Depression Strikes?

Grieve the losses you experience with depression and you will be better able to move on.
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Lessons From a Navy Seal

Is making your bed important? The navy seals seem to think so!
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Adjust Our Sails

When the winds of depression come, you can do nothing or alter your course.

What We Can All Learn From the 2017 Super Bowl

An experience in resilience, in not giving up.

The Challenge of Knowing Versus Doing

Knowing about something is much different than being able to do it consistently.
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Estrogen, Progesterone, Your Genes and Mood

Researchers found a biologic link between your genes and PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder)
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The World Lost Carrie Fisher Too Soon

The impact of bipolar disorder on our physical health
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Facing the Holidays When You Feel So Alone

Curled up on the couch missing out on the season’s activities when others are out celebrating?
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Surviving the Chaos of Simultaneous Depression and Mania

How to deal with the “storms” in your head when two extremes collide

Holiday Expectations and Stress

Overwhelmed by the thought of the upcoming holidays?
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Read Health Care Websites With a Critical Eye!

Not all health-related information on the internet is accurate.
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Beware Of The Rush To Label Yourself “Unfixable”

Don’t Get Discouraged And Jump Into The Treatment-Resistant Pool Too Soon
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When Someone Refuses Treatment

Do you feel powerless when you see the need and can’t help
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Why I Hate the Phrase “Hang in There”

Avoid this mindless cliché that can have double meaning in depression!
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When to Disclose Your Mood Disorder

Do you let everyone in on your diagnosis?
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Overcoming Excuses for Not Taking Care of Your Brain

Sometimes it’s easier to believe the faulty logic of these thoughts – don’t!
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Fear of Recovery

Sometimes it feels safer to stay in the comfort zone of depression rather than risk the new territory of wellness.
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Feed Your Body, Feed Your Brain

Maybe “you are what you eat” is not just an old wives tale?
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My Role Model For Coping With Adversity

I turn to an amazing person for guidance when difficult things happen.
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Crushed by Disappointment?

Curled up in a corner, crumbled in defeat? Or able to move on after disappointment?
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Coping With Large Scale Tragedies

Are you caught in the trap of information overload when bad things happen?
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Your Voice Matters

Do you ever feel your opinion doesn’t matter to researchers? One way to get it out there is through the Mood Network…
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Do You Get the Summer Blahs?

You try and can’t seem to handle the love-hate affair with summer vacation time. Here's a few ideas on how to face the inevitable...

Volunteer When Depressed? The Life You Save May Be Your Own

My personal experience of how volunteering helped get me, and now maybe you, through depression.