The 5 Most Popular Changepower Blogs of 2013

These blogs earned the blue ribbon in 2013!

Posted Jan 23, 2014

Blue-ribbon Blogs of 2013

Blog 5: The Willpower Books of 2012. This blog reviewed three best-selling books about willpower that were widely read and quoted in 2013: PT blogger Kelly McGonigal’s, The Willpower Instinct; Roy Baumeister and John Tierney’s, Willpower; and Charles Duhigg’s, The Power of Habit.  To help you glean the juiciest insights from these books, I’ve put their main points in bullets.

Blog 4: 5 Instant Messages From Your Friend Annoyance.  I loved writing this blog, and apparently readers loved reading it. The main message: Think of “annoyance” as a signal—a blinking yellow light—that something that needs to change in your life. (I used my “annoyance signal” to change some bad home habits, revealed in a personal blog here.)

Blog 3: 3 Quick Ways to Curb Catastrophic Thinking.  This one might be my favorite blog of the year—and the most useful. I share 3 examples of soothing self-talk that can curb catastrophic thinking in a nano-second. Every day I use at least one idea from this blog (Confession: I’m prone to catastrophic thinking.). Many mental health professionals wrote me that this blog was helpful to them, their clients, counseling groups, and classes—extra pride!

Blog 2: 9 Essential Habits of Sexual Assertiveness. This blog was based on the classic book, Talking Back to Sexual Pressure, by Elizabeth Powell. I’m glad I did her book enough justice to acquaint more readers with her work. The skills she teaches are essential for sexual health and relationship survival, whether you are young, middle-aged, or in a retirement center.

And finally, the most read Changepower blog of 2013 was...

Blog 1: What is the Exact “Dose” of Exercise Needed for Longevity? Based on research by Dr. I-Min Lee of the Harvard School of Public Health, this blog reveals the smallest amount of daily exercise you can do to get almost 2 extra years of longevity. Such a small investment of time, such a big difference. Maybe the popularity of this blog indicates that you—like me—want to get the most bang for your exercise buck.

I can’t resist mentioning the two blogs that deserved more readers than they got. One was a book review of PT blogger Toni Bernhard’s new book, How to Wake Up.  If you want 8 practical ways to change painful mental states before they can take over, you will love this blog. Here's one strategy: When you find yourself lost in a mental drama, look around and tell yourself, "Just this." That simple phrase will wake you up. Thanks for your work, Toni Bernhard!

Everyone would like to leave a legacy. I fantasized that my blog on The Serenity Prayer would be my legacy. I set the well-known and powerful prayer to a simple holiday carol so that people could hum it to themselves or even sing it with a choir. To most readers, this blog was “hum” all right—ho-hum. Perhaps some were turned off by the word “prayer,” even though it can be recited as a spiritual or secular prayer. I’m still hopeful that someone, somewhere will find a use for this tune. At this point, it’s my second least read blog of 2013! So—legacy, smegacy. (Undaunted, I still sing this song all the time.)

Now would be a good time to mention how grateful I am for all of you, friends, colleagues, and strangers, who take time from your busy lives to read, and hopefully benefit from, my blogs. My blog goals are entertainment and enlightenment. I hope you’ve found a bit of both as you’ve traveled to this page on your Internet journeys.

(c) Meg Selig, 2014

Meg Selig is the author of Changepower! 37 Secrets to Habit Change Success (Routledge, 2009), a book for habit-changers at every stage of change. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.