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Codes to Joy

Happy and Joyous All the Time?

Is happiness a permanent state to seek to achieve?

Posted Nov 11, 2014

At an event recently a person asked if the purpose of our book, "Code To Joy:The 4-Step Solution to Unlocking Your Natural State of Happiness" was to achieve a permanent state of happiness. A fair question and not one we thought to address in our book.

While there may be a few people who are in a constant state of joy and bliss, I believe that the majority of us regular folks dealing with day-to-day life will experience ups and downs. We really notice feeling up when it's in contrast to feeling neutral, or even 'blah'. In that sense, our 'natural state of happiness' is not a perpetual state.

However, being in the fog of distress is certainly not natural, it's the dampening of our ablity to experience times of joy and even bliss.  Some people have been unable to access a state of happiness due to depression or anxiety.  Depressive and anxiety disorders will affect nearly 20% of the population in the US at sometime in their lives.  But even more people will have extended periods of time where they are feeling below the neutral line but not have a clinical level of depression or anxiety.  

There are ways for those people to lift their mood and their lives above the neutral line and that is what Code To Joy addresses.

So, the short answer is 'No' the purpose of our book is not to expect to have constant joy, rather to experience joy and happiness in the natural pleaures of times of success and acheivement, of loving moments in our relationships; in times of appreciation of health and vitality; and even the joyous wonder of a starry night, or of a hummingbird hovering at a flower. A delightful contrast to a backed up sewer, leaking roof, flat tire, or when our toe catches the bedpost.

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