Immerse Yourself in the Gratitude Stream

Be grateful, read and learn about others' good fortune!

Posted Jun 26, 2009

Research has shown that people benefit greatly from showing gratitude. Being grateful for what you have and expressing thanks directly to a friend or colleague has a significant and lasting effect on one's well-being and happiness.

Studies performed by positive psychologists like Sonja Lyubomirsky (author of The How of Happiness) have empirically measured these effects and quantified how much happier it makes one feel and for how long. It turns out that maintaining a gratitude journal for only one week makes one noticeably happier even three months later (!) when compared to a statically-balanced control group.

Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that people also benefit from reading and learning about the things that others are grateful for. Scientists think that the reason for this phenomenon is that knowing about others' gratitude inspires people to think about their own good fortune and makes them aware of the good things that others experience that could come their way too in the future. Learning about others' good fortune cultivates an optimistic attitude and makes people feel more positively about the future.

The scientific studies in this field are remarkable and carry a valuable daily lesson for improving happiness. Be grateful, read and learn about others' good fortune, and immerse yourself in the gratitude stream!