Need a New Job? Use This Free Career Search Tool

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Posted Sep 09, 2018

You may not be aware of it, but the federal government maintains a job and career website, called O*NET. It’s a massive database for all kinds of job and career information, with special sections that can help you look for jobs and help you to better explore and understand alternative careers and opportunities.

Say that you are looking for a new (or your first) career. Where do you start? O*NET allows you to explore careers using general or specific key words, such as “medicine” “aviation” or “investing.” You can also find out average salaries for specific jobs and an estimate of how many job openings are predicted for the near future.

Let’s say you want to break into an industry. O*NET allows you to search careers by industry (e.g., arts and entertainment, government, counseling, etc.).

If you are not sure about what career you want to pursue you can go online and take a self-assessment instrument, called the O*NET Interest Profiler, which will analyze your responses and tell you possible career options. In addition, it will help you understand the amount of education, training, and/or experience specific jobs require.

It’s all here: