Retirement: Part Two

How to enjoy retirement on a tight budget.

Posted Nov 27, 2018

Here's another challenge question from the serious game Bounce Back that asks participants to respond to challenges that they are someone close to them may face in retirement. The game is a tool for teaching participants the skills and the attitudes of resilience that often come in very handy in retirement. Again, it is important to think about the skills and attitudes of resilience that you would use in dealing with this challenge and describe in some detail how you would make use of them.

In this blog, we're going to talk more about the challenges that await you when you retire. One of those is obviously the financial one. The people would like to travel when they retire but do not have the financial capability of doing that easily. Like the situation we're going to talk about next, your budget may be tight.

Three of your friends are planning to take a seven-day cruise to Bermuda and want you to join them. You always talked about taking a cruise and how you would do that when you retired and had the time. The cost for double occupancy is $1200 which would stretch your already tight budget. What would you do in the situation? How would you use the skills and attitudes of resilience?

So place yourself in the situation give some thought. Talk with a friend or family member about what they might do in dealing with this challenge.

Here are some of the skills and attitudes of resilience that we think might be helpful. As we frequently recommend, connect with others. Communicate with others.

Manage the strong feelings that may come up. Here is something you wanted to do for years. And your tied budget may not allow it. Deal with the anger that may be there. Don't give up. Be self-confident. Your budget has always been tight. But you've been able to do other things that you really wanted to do.

Be flexible. Problem solve. Think outside of the box. You never know. You may not have another opportunity to do this with your friends. Do something for yourself.

You may have come up with other skills and attitudes that you could apply in the situation. Great. Talk with others and realize that this is a challenge faced by most people who retire.

In a few weeks, we will do another post about retirement.