Nature Soundscapes Indoors Lead to Positive Experiences

Feel and be better—bring the sounds of a meadow into your life.

Posted Feb 01, 2019

Source: Pixabay

Burbling brooks. Gently rustling leaves. For most of us, hearing these sorts of nature sounds indoors improves our mental and physical wellbeing—as well as our cognitive performance. The sorts of sounds you might hear in a meadow on a lovely spring day, such as slightly moving leaves and water and calm bird calls, have desirable effects on our thoughts and behaviors.  

Nature sounds are great stress busters. Hearing them when we’re trying to calm down after a tension-packed meeting can help us decompress and move on with our day. A spring meadow soundscape can be a relaxing addition to a physician’s waiting area or the space in front of a TSA checkpoint.

Hearing nature sounds not only helps us feel less frazzled but also helps us restock our mental energy after we’ve depleted it concentrating, for example, while doing knowledge work. Each of us has a store of cognitive processing power that is drained as we do focused thinking. When our mental energy stocks run down, not only does our ability to do mental work degrade, but we get irritable. These effects can be countered by hearing nature. Research has also directly linked hearing nature sounds to enhanced cognitive performance.

The sorts of nature sounds that seem to be best, in terms of psychological payoff, are the kinds that are heard in a peaceful meadow on an idyllic day—soft breezes, flowing streams, and serene bird calls. Howling monkeys, screaming birds, and hurricane force winds, etc., make us feel more stressed.

Nature soundtracks are readily available online.  

You’ve added potted plants and natural materials to your world, and they’ve improved your lived life. Now it’s time to add a nature soundscape to your sensory realm.

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