Ted Bundy's Ghost Revisited

After I wrote about Bundy’s reported afterlife activity, I heard another story.

Posted Oct 24, 2014

To reiterate, just before his execution in January 1989, Bundy confessed to killing at least 30 young women in six states, and hinted at more. Charismatic and charming, he exploited every trick he could think of to prevent his execution in Florida’s electric chair, including giving interview opportunities to several people whom he believed would see the value in keeping him alive.

However, no effort saved him, not even his promise to provide even more victim names and locations. He was executed. But apparently, he didn’t go away, according to reports from the Florida State prison where he spent his final days

As I had mentioned before, in 2001, a guard told a reporter under conditions of anonymity that shortly after Bundy was put to death, several guards claimed to have seen his ghost sitting casually on the electric chair. He smiled knowingly, as if he now knew something about the afterlife that they didn’t. If a guard tried to approach him, he’d disappear.

The man telling the story said there were so many sightings at one point that the warden couldn’t find anyone willing to enter the execution chamber alone. I don’t know if the reporter tried to corroborate this by asking the warden. (I would have.)

However, some reports claimed that the warden had said that anyone who spreads stories about Bundy’s ghost will be fired. So, I guess there’s no need for a reporter's follow-up call. (Supposedly, some guards quit, anyway, rather than face the deceased killer.)

Bundy supposedly also showed up around his holding cell on death row. To some guards, he’d say, “Well, I beat all of you, didn’t I?” Presumably, he meant he’d beaten them to the “other side.”

The guards’ stories are intriguing because Bundy was quite overcome when led to his execution. One witness described his profuse sweating and faltering steps. Why, then, would he show up in the place that had so disturbed him? Some ghost hunters believe that strong emotion can glue a spirit in place.

Bundy’s remains were cremated and, at his request, scattered in the mountainous wilderness in Washington State.

Then in May 2013, a report was published about Bundy’s ghost showing up again. This time, the tale came from an inmate and it was repeated in quite a few publications.

“It would appear that the ghost of Ted Bundy is once again showing up at the Florida State Prison in Raiford, Florida (now known as Union Correctional Institution) according to a current inmate at the facility.”

Here’s what he said: “For many years I heard the rumors of Ted Bundy’s ghost appearing and didn’t believe it. Now, my mind has changed. I and other residents (including staff) have witnessed the ghost on many occasions. It is definitely Bundy. It comes in the early morning before dawn in our housing unit and in different cells. He’s always smiling. It’s a white-blue mist but very detailed. Some of the other residents claim to hear him talking. I have not heard that yet.”

This correspondent also asks how to get rid of Bundy's presence.

Supposedly, Ted has invited some former buddies to hang out, as reports of other ghosts have also emerged. Why does this remind me of one of my favorite ghost movies, Truly, Madly, Deeply?

Anyway, I await further reports.


Note: Photo by K. Ramsland