Omega-3s and Beyond

Could they be trauma miracles?

Posted Nov 26, 2018

In my last blog post, I wrote about advances in our understanding of how neurosteroids, those hormones that are produced in the brain by glial cells, are impacted by traumatic injuries.  The importance of looking at hormone balances post-brain injury is highlighted in the experience of Andrew Marr’s recovery from traumatic brain injury and the benefit he derived from hormone replacement therapy.  Marr’s experience is described in an important book Tales from the Blast Factory.  A Brain Injured Special Forces Green Beret’s Journey Back from the Brink with a foreword written by Mark L. Gordon, M.D. who had evaluated and successfully treated Marr.

When doing research on Dr. Gordon’s work, I noted he referenced a book he found important written by Michael D. Lewis, M.D. entitled When Brains Collide.  Dr. Lewis is an expert on brain health and a retired Army Colonel.  While serving in the military he specialized in programs for brain-injured soldiers and developed what he refers to as the Omega-3 Protocol.  After retiring from the Army, Dr. Lewis founded the nonprofit Brain Health and Research Institute and also provides patient care.  He discovered the value of using high dose Omega-3 fatty acids to support brain healing.  Since the brain is largely composed of fats, it turns out that properly administered Omega-3s helps the brain heal. 

The foreword to Dr. Lewis’ book is written by J.J. Virgin whose son, Grant, was nearly killed in a pedestrian vs. car hit-and-run accident.  Due to the Virgin family’s dedication, advocacy and determination, Grant received the care he needed, despite the initial trauma doctor’s advise to let him go, believing he had such slim chances of survival.  Grant’s injuries included a torn aorta, severe, multiple brain bleeds, and 13 broken bones. J.J. wrote a book about this experience which she titled Miracle Mindset.  A documentary movie was also created about Grant’s healing journey that can be viewed for free on Virgin’s website  This is a movie that every health care provider, family member, and injured person needs to see as it both inspires and informs and will save lives.  I liked how Virgin talks about brain injuries happen to the entire family, not only the injured person.

These three books and the movie are packed full of information all health care providers can benefit from.  Family members will benefit in gaining hope and direction for how to better advocate for the care of their loved one.  Policy makers also need this information so that treatment programs can produce results far beyond what medical dogma predicts.  I will break down some of the innovative treatments in future blogs.