Mastering Self-Control

Take the reins! Here's what behavioral science tells us about breaking bad habits, kickstarting new ones, and recharging your willpower.

Just Give In

By Kelly McGonigal

Help your willpower bounce back—by giving it a break.

How Desire Fools Us

By Emma Seppälä Ph.D.

The benefits and dangers of the chase

Self-Control and Success

By Art Markman Ph.D.

Why does early self-control ability predict later success?

Get Out of the Groove

By Carlin Flora

Charles Duhigg distills all we know of habits into a simple model.

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Cosmic Wedgies and Post-traumatic Stress Distorter

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What Makes People Talk Too Much?

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Not Enough Willpower? Use Your "Extended Will!"

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Taming the Want Monster

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How to Stay Cool Under Pressure

By Preston Ni M.S.B.A.

Deadlines Work

By Robert Evans Wilson Jr.

Willpower and Temptation

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Nature or Nurture? Self-Control or Childhood Experience?

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The Brain's Ability to Look Within: A Secret to Self-Mastery

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Dislike of a friend’s romantic partner

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