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The Humdrum of Life

How many hours do you put into life admin? Filing your taxes, waiting at the DMV, paying the bills, repairing the leaking faucet, these are just some the many tasks that need your attention. Complaining does no good. Here’s how to counter the everyday tedium and reward yourself with simple, lasting contentments.

The Invisible Labor of Life Admin

By Elizabeth Emens JD, Ph.D.

Our time and energy are consumed by this work—but we can make it better.
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How to Get Out of a Funk

By D. B. Dillard-Wright Ph.D.

Choose a few activities and get happier.
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When the World Speeds Up

By Susan Avery Stewart Ph.D.

Slowing down enhances health and well-being.
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Why We Stop Noticing the World

By Alan Castel Ph.D.

We often don't notice things unless we focus and are present.