Tongue-Tied Over Emotions

Some people have a difficult time putting feelings into words. This can be hard on a relationship — just imagine one partner tongue-tied over his emotions. Getting help is also torture for these individuals. People who are unable to talk come into therapy confused about how they feel. Read about how one might gain healthier self-awareness of their emotional state.
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Distinguish Your Emotions

By Guy Winch Ph.D.

A bigger emotional vocabulary can help reduce negative emotions and brooding.
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What Is Alexithymia?

By Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.

There’s a good reason for the latest revival of this classic personality trait.
Big Ideas: Name That Emotion

Name That Emotion

By Matthew Hutson

Are you nervous or are you excited? It's up to you.
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Identify Your Feelings

By Joan Cusack Handler Ph.D.

How to discover and make sense of what you feel.