I'm not familiar with the content of men's lifestyle magazines but I've read a few women's magazines in the doctors office, in the line at supermarkets etc. Some of the articles are shockingly sexist and regressive. One article I read in a mainstream magazine basically instructed women to override all of their own sexual wants and needs (and potentially risk injury and their health and safety in the process) in order to please a man. It was completely contradictory. In one breath it insisted consent was paramount, in the next they basically said 'put up and shut up'. Awful stuff. It would be great to see a magazine that dealt with sex in a more realistic and helpful way. There was a magazine like this in my country many years ago but it folded, sadly due to lack of sales. It's a shame. Neither pornography or cheap, sensationalist magazines are adequate - let alone healthy - sources of information about sexuality. They're all about profit and the lowest common denominator.