The most disturbing word is "Lonely."

Yes it is really TRUE. There are no strategies to defuse the neurological power....of what is true. This isn't an "old memory" but reality right now.

There are no solutions to being alone (except of course, being with others when one can do that), but lonliness over the long term is excruciating.


I am a dancer, singer, author of 2 books, moderator of an abused survivors' group, Vietnam era veteran, and Freshman (counseling) at age 65...because I wrote about my life of overcoming and won a scholarship....I am as busy as possible and take every opportunity to not be alone, but it is not enough....alone is alone......lonely is not having a partner to journey through life with.

The endorsements for my book, Sanctuary of the soul ( amaze me and warm my heart: Elie Wiesel, Wayne Dyer, Drs. Alice Miller, Larry Dossey....14 in all.