Alice - I realise it is different for everybody, and I know how hard it is especially when thrown with hardened facts to overcome such a thing as loneliness, but what grabbed me is when you wrote ' I am as busy as possible and take every opportunity to not be alone'. This is how I was previously, and for me when I started to 'not be busy' and not to take every opportunity to be with other people I suddenly became happier. I don't know if you've ever tried meditation and for me this is how I reached where I am today of being happy being alone. I'm glad to hear that you are very positive in other aspects, again I'm not saying that affirmations and meditation works for everyone, but for me it did to get myself out of the mind frame I had years ago. I see friends wasting their lives away on unsuitable lovers who are still not happy and I don't want to be like that. Out of interest have you ever tried meditation techniques? As being honest for me personally it is meditation that taught me the art of being happy and alone, and sometimes even wanting to be alone over being with friends / family.