I am fascinated with all that is written here. No and 'yes' are equally important words to me. When I finally paid attention the the needs in my soul, life began to change for me.
In my case, I CHOSE to not be around those who see only negative, not the least of which is my own mother. I began by refusing to listen to her list of all that I had done wrong, along with allegations of things I would never do or say. The first time I abruptly ended a conversation, she was furious. After that, each time she started the negativity, I would end those conversations by telling her I was only allowing POSITIVE thinkers into my life. So, she told others about all of my supposed wrong doings. And the beat goes on.
She is one who insists on everyone agreeing with her. Yes,I know it's a control issue. I have siblings who I have a quiet relationship with. I have others whom I have actively chosen to NOT have a relationship with.

I came to understand that it is a CHOICE to see only the faults in another. All too often, it becomes a habit for us to see only our faults. I did that and I starting losing myself, my integrity.
And I did this for years and years.
Before I could say YES to positive thinking, I had to say NO to all of the above and more. I've been on the journey of my life and I LOVE it!
I wrote down my negative thoughts in the beginning. WOW! And we need someone else's negativity, WHY? I challenged those thoughts. I put post-its with POSITIVE thoughts where I could see them at any time during the day. I've read some incredible books and listened to some amazing speakers. We really are what we THINK we are.

I made the choice to be ALONE, NOT LONELY.. There is nothing worse than being in a room full of people and feeling lonely. Been there, done that. Today, I'm still a work in progress. I am by no means perfect, nor are those around me. Perfect is BORING. None of us wear rose colored glasses. Life is messy at times and so are each of us as individuals. They are not just friends, but my family as well. At times, blood is NOT thicker than water.

There are very few people in my world today, compared to before. They are the QUALITY in my life, as opposed to the QUANTITY I once had.
The combination of surrounding myself with positive people and working on my own belief system has worked very well for me.

I am actually comfortable today in my own company, something that terrified me for 35 years. Oh, the power of YES and NO!