I doubt the validity of this research, it concludes our brain is being structured towards the word NO being a negative word, when far more likely it's by association, we associate the word No with being told off by our parents, coaches or teachers. If my child is attracted to the handle on that boiling pot, I think I'm going to say NO. The NO word associates with us doing something dangerous or wrong and we are in trouble, which releases the stress hormones. The research then concludes through MRI there is a power in YES and a destruction in NO. My brain telling me NO, you can't make that 50 meter roof jump (fools rush in and say yes, angels fear to tread) is a good thing and very logical and positive. Socially being called a yes-man has negative conertations. Clearly saying yes to everything just because it has a positive hormonal effect is not a reason to say yes or thank you to everything. Research shows a release of testosterone is a memory inhibitor to risk which allows us to take fearless decisions, with cortizol doing the opposite. It has been hypothesised that if there was 1 woman in the board of every city executives they wouldn't take as many yes risks because the presence of a female releases cortizol in the male brain.
So, get rid of the word NO, of course not, replace the word NO always with the word YES, of course not.
The rule is this: there is no good or bad, only thinking makes it so.
NO isn't a negative word, only thinking makes it so, change the thinking, change the association.
NO should only be a warning but has been corrupted for negative use but still not a reason for getting rid of itor replace it with yes.
Even the great Scott Peck agrees life is hard.