Here is a comment from my 17 year old in response to this piece:

Why is the word "racist" in the word bubble? The word is an identifier of bigotry, ignorance, and systemic inequality as perpetuated by a member or members of an oppressive majority. Being able to verbally identify the injustice that one faces is important--but my hypothesis is that it is placed there to indicate that it is a word that upsets those accused of racism; obviously, the idea that their anxiety on being called out shouldn't qualify for inclusion among those other words. The word that should have been added was "racism".
b) I'm a fairly adamant defender of the word "no", without qualifiers or additions. People in our society, and women in particular, are not encouraged to express their feelings honestly, and this is particularly true in circumstances where a denial is occurring. A healthier exercise is to start saying no honestly, in any circumstance where pressure is being applied to answer with affirmation. If you find that you are incapable of responding with a simple "no", as I am, it is evidence of a fairly problematic form of socialization; if the person to whom your no is directed attempts to coerce you into changing your answer, that's also a problem, and indicates how they will behave under more serious circumstances. It's not a failproof method, and sometimes courtesy demands that you do otherwise, but in general, it's important to be comfortable using the word no; it is a matter of self-preservation.
c) Honestly, I'm not a big fan of Psychology Today. It's the same magazine that wrote a series of deeply misogynistic and inaccurate pieces regarding the origins of male attraction to blonde women with blue eyes, the reason why women with a 70-100 waist to hip ratio are inherently more appealing, and blaming women for their male partner going through a midlife crisis. They also wrote an article in 2010 about "Gender Identity Disorder" which is incredibly cissexist, as well as psychiatrically inaccurate and outmoded. Obviously, not everything they write is utter garbage, but I take their advice with a grain of salt.
d) The first section kind of reads like a rapists diary, and the rest sounds fairly dismissive.