No means no.

The most dangerous idea is that it doesn't. Well, maybe even more dangerous is the idea that it shouldn't.

It's sad to read this pap in Psychology Today.

Here are a few things you shouldn't say yes to:

Doing a major favor when you are truly exhausted;

Watching someone's children or letting them watch your children if you actually know nothing about them;

Dinner with an "important" client or colleague who gives you the creeps;

A mortgage that is beyond your means;

A stock tip or other "surefire" way to make money;

Sex with a person you're not so sure you trust;

I'm really disappointed with this article, and the inane responses as well, quite frankly. We're supposed to worry about whether the word "no" lights up the "wrong areas" of our brains now? How about taking care of the body that houses the brain first? The brain is resilient -- it will be all right.

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