Society is constantly trying to make our children grow up faster cognitively then they can. I also am appalled by the statics on the number of babies on medication for anxiety. Just like Jean Piaget's view of cognitive development, I also believe there are stages and also these stages don't necessarily mean that if a child does not development a certain skill, that the child needs help or even worst medication. Society is constantly telling us we have to be smarter faster. Or that we are bad parents if our kids aren't doing all mile stones on time and target.
I do like the research done by Diana Baumrind on parenting styles. I would find my self to be a Authoritative parent and wish we all could be those kinds of parents. Those parents I believe are more understanding and let there be room for error and but also have standards.
Throwing drugs at children because they have acted "out of line" or "not right" is unconstitutional. It simple should not be aloud! We as a society have our priority completely screwed up!