While I cannot argue your statistics, I take exception to the flippant tone inferring that parents just want cooperative, compliant, perfect children. You further assume that parents decide, in an offhandedly, uneducated and cavalier manner, to "drug" our children to behave. It's insulting and presumptuous. I accepted my child's inattentiveness, lack of organizational skills, inability to stop pacing, fidgeting, and impulsivity to just being a kid. I realized, however, when he was 14 and about to enter high school, that he hadn't "grown out of it." I had him tested and the resulting diagnosis, inattentive-type ADHD, threw us into a whirlwind of further testing, 504s, and yes, medication. It is not an easy decision for a parent to make. The idea of drugging my child isn't something I take lightly. It had been a heartbreakingly difficult struggle and I wish we didn't have to consider it at all. We have tried all the alternatives without success. Diet changed? Check. CBT? Check. More exercise? Check. Herbs and supplements? Check. Nothing had worked to help him. So, yes, we have been forced to consider medication. We have tried several and are still working on finding the right solution that best for him. Not for us...for HIM. You seem to have a disdain for parents and your lack of empathy is showing. I did not and do not take this process lightly. It's uppermost in my mind every waking moment. Most parents are not looking for a quick fix for our kids. You are making generalized assumptions and you are mistaken. Hiding a personal opinion behind your Ph.D isn't working for you.