Psychiatric drugs, while I'm sure there is a need for among a very, very tiny percentage of kids under 18, are being way, way overprescribed. Some kids are just a handful. A lot of kids have simply not been taught manners. Some are acting out because their parents have created a life of chaos for them. Many are from broken homes and single parent families. Doctors are pressured all the time by parents to prescribe drugs to help them calm their children down as a substitute for actually parenting them. It's also a wonderful opportunity to create a bone of contention between parents locked in custody battles. Mom takes Jr. in and tells the doc to prescribe ADHD, which doc does. Too many Jr.s really don't need them, but then Dad gets upset because Mom is drugging the kid, Mom drags Dad into court because he doesn't give Jr. the pills over the summer and Dad says Jr. is just fine without them, and some screwy courts slap Dad because he is not giving prescribed medication. Oh, and Mom gets the court to force Dad to pay for them, too. And Jr. gets drugged and dragged into another battle. Just lovely.